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Check out the Best Android Apps downloads, top 10 best apps on Android OS on productivity, gaming, social networks, music, entertainment, books, health, education, music, videos apps.

Download FMWhatsApp APK for Android – Features

FMWhatsApp is now available and through following guide we will be showing you how to download FMWhatsApp APK for Android, its features and other details.
Lenovo Super Camera app download

Download Lenovo Super Camera App to Any Android Phone

Check the guide on how you can install the Lenovo Super Camera on your Android phone to get extra features. You might know Lenovo as the Windows PC manufacturer but in the...

Download Nokia X Launcher APK & Install on Any Android Phone

Guide on how to download Nokia X Launcher APK & Install on Any Android Phone. Have you happened to check the new Nokia Android named Nokia X? Loved it? It has altogether a different...

The 4 Top Best Apps for Freelancers (Novice Users)

Taking the plunge and going it alone as a freelancer is a big step; one that requires bravery, at least a vague plan for the future, and a whole host of...
best Educational Apps benefits

Top 5 Benefits of Using Educational Apps on your Mobile

The technology has a great boon to not only our society but also to the education sector. Slowly technology-integrated learning has been replacing the traditional teaching methodologies and in a few...
Malwarefox for Android Review

MalwareFox Android App Review: Lightweight Anti Malware App for Android

Cyber criminals do not restrict themselves on Windows only. After gaining success and trust on Windows platform, MalwareFox has now come up with an Anti Malware app for Android. The Malwarefox Antimalware on...

Download TowelRoot APK for Android – Best Android Rooting Tool

Download TowelRoot APK for Android(Towelroot V3), the best rated rooting tool for Android Marshmallow & Lollipop Phones with one click.

Image to Word Converter for iPhone/Android : Must-Have App for Journalists

Checkout the Image to Word Converter for iPhone app, also available for Android.
Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones

Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones You Should Install Right Now

Check out top and 5 Best apps for Rooted Android Phones you should install right now on your Android phone. More and more people are encouraging you to root your Android phone. But you have to...
Whatsmapp APK

Download WhatsMApp APK for Android – Dual WhatsApp ID

WhatsMApp is just another WhatsApp alternative to run multiple WhatsApp account on same phone. Download WhatsmApp APK for Android Phones, tablets.