3 Best iPhone Launcher for Android 2024

Check out the 3 Best iPhone Launcher for Android 2024.

Are you looking to turn your Android phone into an iPhone-like interface? Then you have arrived at the right place to do it because we have previously gone through the guide on how to turn your Android interface just like an iPhone but here in this guide, we will go through the 5 Best iPhone launchers for Android phones.

Best iPhone launcher for Android

iPhone Launcher for Android

Here are the top Best iPhone Launcher apps for Android:

OS 11 iLauncher

If you run a quick search for the keyword ‘iPhone launcher app for Android’ on Google Play Store, then this app will be the first on top.


  • iOS 11 launcher includes iNoty iOS 11, Lock Screen with notification OS11, and Control Panel 11 for FREE
  • Quick access, quick search to useful applications and control panel in the home screen
  • Display notification information on the lock screen like iOS 11
  • Swipe down to display the notification bar like iPhone 8
  • Deleting apps and moving apps around is much easier
  • Customizable Launcher: Swipe up the home screen to access the setting shortcuts to key features such as apps, widgets, wallpapers, and system themes

Download OS 11 iLauncher for Android from here

iOS 11 Launcher for Android/ iPhone X Launcher

This particular iOS 11 launcher Android app receives 4.6 ratings on the Google Play Store. The launcher includes everything that is close to iPhone X design, the launcher, and even the wallpapers too.


  • Latest fluid style iPhone X wallpaper & icon sets
  • Simple and flat design.
  • Unique lock screen and password unlock interface
  • The rich icons for the phone X theme library and the latest wallpapers
  • Powered by a 3D animation engine with graphic effects, 3D themes, and widgets, the launcher for ios enables the 3D transition
  • Swipe up on the desktop to open the iOS 11 control center
  • Hides the icon of all apps, Make your desktop closer to the ios launcher style
  • Swipe to the left on the desktop to open the Weather and Time widget
Low RAM Launcher

Download iOS 11 Launcher for Android from here

X Launcher for iOS 11

This launcher is purely inspired by the Apple iPhone X smartphone. It brings the rich iOS 11 style and functionality.


  • Unique lock screen and password unlock interface
  • Keep your menu tidy and organized
  • Powered by a 3D animation engine with graphic effects
  • Live wallpapers customize the traditional flat default menu interface

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Download X Launcher for IOS 11 from here


These are just three, we will be going through a few more Android iPhone launcher apps. So, those were some of the best iPhone launcher apps for Android. Do let us know which one you feel is feasible enough.

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