8 Best FREE QR Code Generator Software in 2024

Check out the 8 best free QR code generator software in 2024.

Creating QR codes has become an integral part of engaging customers to much extent. Those days are long gone when the QR code was only used on e-commerce products’ packaging. Today, you’ll see them on bus stops, metro stations, banks, departmental stores, Wi-Fi points, social media profiles, and online business websites.

And if you’ve used QR codes to engage your targeted audience yet, you’re leaving a lot of potential customers on the table.

Selecting the Best QR Code Generator

Selecting the best QR code generator per business needs is important to devise a winning QR code marketing plan. Determine whether you need a simple or modern QR code generator. Note that modern QR code generators let you create and customize QR codes to place on certain products and web pages. You can change QR code colors, eyes, and patterns, and add an image or brand logo to make it stand out.

As this article talks about the best QR code generators in 2022, let’s get straight to the point. The following are the 10 best QR code generators to use in 2021.

1.     QRTiger

QRTiger is a popular and best QR code generator available online(Erstwhile QRZebra). Using QRTiger, one can create QR codes for Vcard, URLs, MP3, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, Text, Bitcoin, and more. In addition, using a multi-URL QR code option of QTiger lets you redirect your targeted audience to different pages depending on certain conditions times, dates, locations, OS, and device types of the users. Change the colors, patterns, eyes, and density of your QR code to make it unique per your product or brand.


QRTiger also lets you track user data when using dynamic QR codes and keep track of the total number of scans, location, date, time, and device type of users. All this information is available in a single QRTiger dashboard. We can say that QR Tiger is the best QR code generator on our list!

2.     Free-QR-Code.net

Say goodbye to those traditional black-and-white QR codes and get started with your next modern QR code marketing campaign with Free-QR-Code.net.

Customize your QR code, choose the code type, finalize the changes, and download it to print on any digital or print media. Free-QR-Code.net also has its own QR code scanner.

3.     GOQR.me

GOQR.me might be the most responsive QR code generator available online. Though it doesn’t provide advanced options like QRzebra, it is still an ideal choice for people looking for simple QR codes.

However, you can change the foreground, density, size, and border of your QR codes. Just enter the URL and you’ll be provided with a traditional QR code instantly.

4.     The-QRcode-Generator

The QR code generator is a free QR code generator to make your personal or business QR codes with ease. It supports both static and dynamic QR codes and allows users to keep track of the user activity of each generated QR code.

All analytics are provided on a single yet efficient dashboard. You can generate QR codes to showcase free text, redirect to a URL, provide a phone number, SMS, and more.

5.     QRStuff

QRStuff is an online QR code software to let users know more about your services, product, or brand. You can create QR codes for over 20 data types and let users enjoy getting more information on products with small packages.

Select the data type, change the foreground color, select the QR code type (dynamic or static), and download your QR code instantly. QRStuff features an easy-to-use interface and even beginners never face a problem when creating either dynamic or static QR codes.

6.     QRCode Monkey

QRCode Monkey is a professional QR code marketing management platform to marketize your brand among your targeted audience. Believe it or not, an effective QR code marketing strategy can help you generate enormous leads and revenue within a matter of time. All this can be done by using a professional QR code generator. This is where QRCode Monkey comes in handy.

You can create either static or dynamic QR codes, scan activity, create campaign folders, and play with multiple design options. QRCode Monkey also allows bulk QR code creation and customization with ease.

7.     Mobile Barcodes

Mobile Barcodes is a little different from other QR code generators on this list; though it still allows you to create QR codes within seconds. The part of Mobile Barcodes is that one can create QR codes for any content type to share with your targeted audience. It supports URLs, messages, SMS, Email, Phone numbers, and more.

However, mobile barcodes don’t come with high-grade customization like QRzebra and QRCodeMonkey. So, if you’re looking for a modern best QR code generator, this is not the right choice for you.

8. Tec-it

This is an amazing QR-code generator available free of cost online. It generates QR codes in the PNG format that can be used for web pages, tweets, emails, SMS, phone calls, and V-cards to name a few. It’s not the most advanced QR code generator but does works for people who want to generate a quick QR code for their business.

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Final Verdict

In a nutshell, all these QR code generators have their own set of pros and cons and a QR code that works best for someone may not serve the same purpose as you. Therefore, make sure to carefully consider the above statements before making the final choice. We can say for now that QRzebra stands out to all of them and is the best QR code generator on our list!

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