How to Fix Unfortunately App Has Stopped on Android

How to Fix Unfortunately App Has Stopped on Android

Quick guide on how to fix unfortunately App has stopped on Android and way to fix it.

The most common of hitches that spring up suddenly breaking the sequence of your game or other activities like when you’re clicking photos is an error message that says ‘unfortunately, Subway Surf has stopped’. Here users are given an option to press ‘Ok’ or report the error. The former stops the app completely and you’re back to square one having to open it from the beginning.

That error is just on the Subway Surfer game but it can happen to any other Android phone app like WhatsApp, Facebook, MX Player, YouTube or any Android game app.

Unfortunately App Has Stopped

So what does this kind of an error-message indicate? Definitely that something’s wrong on the phone hardware or software. In case of hardware issues the Android device has to be taken to the service center but yes, if your device is facing software turbulence chances are taking certain simple steps can have things resolved and get the phone back to a sprightly mode.

Resolve App Crash on Android Phones

Follow the process mentioned below in a stepwise manner to fix the error –

Rebooting the Device

Often all it takes for the phone to start functioning smoothly in a manner that the app doesn’t crash midway is to go for simple rebooting. You can turn the phone off and switch on again and if this doesn’t work remove the battery for a few minutes and place it back before switching the phone on.

Reinstalling the App

If for some reason the app has become corrupted or developed other problems that cause frequent crashing you should uninstall it once by holding on its icon and clicking on the ‘Uninstall’ button which appears. Now Install the app freshly and check if this is getting things back on road.

Trying Other Apps

In case it’s an app like a Camera app that’s giving the error try opening another app for taking pictures. Sometimes using apps like Camera-360 in place of the default app preloaded on your Android phone works better in addition to letting you enjoy far more features and modes.

Performing a Hard-Reset

A hard-reset should be opted for when none of the other possible solutions work. When you perform hard-reset it takes the phone back to factory settings and erases all data. Take a data backup to save up music, videos, contacts, pictures, and messages. Perform the hard-reset and now try the app.

Uninstalling Newly Installed Apps

There could be an app you’ve installed on your device which is interfering with the operation of other apps. Uninstall the latest installed apps and crosscheck whether this resolves your problem.

Android Hardware Errors

When all these methods don’t work it just means your device has a hardware problem. Don’t fiddle and try fixing it, rather take it to the service center or talk to the customer care on phone about the problem. They will have a better solution to your problem.

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With all those troubleshooting, we hope your problem of unfortunately app has stopped issue is resolved now.

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