Top 10 Android Marshmallow Features, Improvements

Android Marshmallow features

Earlier known to us as Android M is now officially out as Android 6.0 Marshmallow and as seen in first and second build of developer previews, there are couple of major additions to Marshmallow version. We have highlighted the top 10 Android Marshmallow features that we see moving from Android Lollipop.

The following are the new improvements and features of Android Marshmallow –

Now on Tap Feature

Google Now adds Now on Tap feature which will give you information with one click. While in the middle of something, it’s quite a long procedure to complete a search task, but with the “Now on Tap” feature, you can make Google Now smarter.

Download Android 6.0 Google Now App

Support of Android Pay

Android Pay, the payment terminal will compete with the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. All of these payment terminals uses NFC capability for payments at supported merchandise stores. Google has tied up with 700,000 retailers in USA and it’s compatible with existing credit and debit cards.

App Permission

Adding to security measures on Android, Google introduces App Permissions under Settings through which you can manage application permissions. You will be no longer forced to accept all permissions.

Native Fingerprint Support

Google finally chosen to include native fingerprint support on Android Marshmallow version. The fingerprint sensor can be used to authorize payments on Android Pay.

Doze – The Battery Saver

Battery life remains as primary concerns on smartphones and to mitigate this issue, Android Developers have tried out Doze a new feature out for testing on Android M Developer Preview. With testing on Nexus 9, Google achieved twice the battery life of device with Doze. Doze minimizes background processes when your phone is not in use.

USB Type-C Support

USB Type-C or USB 3.1 is the latest technology implement in phones like OnePlus 2. After Apple, Google is keen on implementing on their flagship phones this year. USB Type-C will fast charge your phone up to 3-5 times speeds than micro USB charging cables and it can be plugged in any direction.

Memory Manager

Memory Manager or the RAM Manager is the new function added under Settings Menu on Android Marshmallow. It’s the function which allows users to monitor RAM usage in intervals of 3 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours a day.

After all new Network Setting Reset

Available on iPhone, Android brings Network Settings Reset only option to Android with the launch of Marshmallow. It can be found under Backup and Reset option under Settings. This settings will reset WiFi, Bluetooth and Cellular Data Settings, all at one click.

Ability to Choose Status Bar Icons

Android is all about customizations and with Android 6.0 Marshmallow you will be able to fully control the status bar. You can now choose which icons to show on Status Bar and which not to. No more looking for highly used apps from the App drawer.

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