It’s iPhone 6SE & iPhone 6SE Plus – Specifications, Features & Rumors

iPhone 6SE & iPhone 6SE Plus
iPhone 7 or iPhone 6SE

Amid high iPhone 7 series rumors, we a new iPhone which is to come up next, maybe in January or February next year. We have Apple iPhone 6SE caught in rumors very recently and according to the source Apfelpage the iPhone 6SE could be coming up this year, on September 12. This means that the iPhone 7 Series launch could be pushed to 2017 and this one report is up against all those dozens of rumors that came out in the past few weeks. This is easily one of the biggest leaks of the year pertaining to Apple.


The iPhone-related rumors clearly gives a rough estimation on what we can expect from Apple in the next iPhone model, although the Cupertino based iPhone maker keeps the name of the device secret until it’s launched. We are still unsure what will be the name of device that’s coming this fall. Remember the September 12 launch date, and September 16 availability is the prediction of Evan Blass, the popular leakster. Once again, I would like to remind that Evan didn’t use the word iPhone 7, instead he had pretty safe bet by referring upcoming iPhone as ‘iPhone 2016‘.

The source also said that iPhone 6SE will be the direct successor to iPhone 6S. So we will have iPhone 6SE available in a 4.7 inch model and the bigger 5.5 inch model as well with naming as “iPhone 6SE Plus“. So what will happen to the 256 GB iPhone model which was supposed to be named as iPhone 7 Pro. The name will be definitely serving as the stopgap. Will it be named as iPhone 6SE Pro?

Even though we talk about these rumors, definitely Apple will have the last and final word. What do you think – will it be iPhone 6SE or iPhone 7 this fall?

Source : Apfelpage (translated)

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