Apple iPhone to Android Easy Switching App

From iPhone to Android

Apple is reportedly working on a Move to Android app – making the transition from iPhone to Android device a lot easier.

‘Move to iOS’ was launched by Apple last year providing easy to move from Android to any iOS devices but breaking the barriers, Apple is working on an application which can make the task of moving from iPhone to Android a lot easier.


Reported by The Telegraph, the Cupertino based manufacturer of iPhone, iPad and other popular iOS devices will make the task of moving photos and videos, web bookmarks, Mail accounts, Calendars, contacts, message history from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on any Android device when setting up.

This move is the request of European operators who brought up the statistics that only fraction of consumers move from iPhone to Android because technical issues of moving the data are the biggest issue. Apple has privately agreed to make the transition easier.

Source: The Telegraph

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