Apple Watch 3 to Have Micro-LED Display Instead of OLED

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Apple may switch to Micro LED display in Mid 2017 or later with launch of Apple Watch 3.

Amid all time high iPhone 7 rumors, we have a new tip regarding the Apple Watch. The first generation of Apple Watch carried OLED display but supply chain source DigiTimes claims that the Cupertino company has plans to use Micro-LED display on Apple Watch 3 and it’s not coming this year, not even next year, timeline suggests Mid 2017 or later roll-out.

The long rumored Apple Watch 2 will debut in mid-2017 [atleast scheduled] and sadly it’s too early to talk about micro-LED displays, so Apple Watch 2 will continue to have OLED display. So the first smartwatch that we can expect with Micro-LED display will be “Apple Watch 3”. That’s temporary name that we got to have for the third generation of Apple Watch. Who knows what Apple has for us in store. Will it be Apple Watch 2 Plus or something else, we too even don’t know.

Why Micro LED Display?

Micro LED displays are lighter and thinner LED panels. There are the next generation of LED display technology. Apart from increased brightness, improved color gamut and higher resolutions, these panels don’t require back-lighting.

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As of now the micro LED display are too expensive to produce and that might be the reason why Apple has schedule it for mid-2017 or later debut. Furthermore, Apple always use saturated technology in their devices, so they might be waiting for micro-LED display to get popular worldwide.

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That doesn’t mean that Apple has put Watch 3 plans on hold, they have opened a facility in norther Taiwan last year which according to MacRumors is believed to be the micro-LED display manufacturing plant.

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