The Top 7 Best Cyber Security Apps to use in 2024

Best Cyber Security Apps 2019

Here we go through the best Cyber Security apps 2024 list.

Technology brings benefits and privileges as threats and dangers. It all depends on the hands that produce and use it. Marc Goodman, the founder of the Future Crimes Institute, said: “When technology is in the hands of suicide bombers, the future can look different”.

Nowadays, business owners, financial institutions, employees in their workplaces, parents, and citizens question “How can I protect myself and my business on the web?” So, here’s the overview of the 7 top cybersecurity apps in 2024.

NB! The prices cannot be compared due to the complexity of their establishments and must be regarded in light of the app’s functional capacity.

  1. Comodo

Mission: assure the security of information at every level of the company’s interaction with third parties.

Field: home and home offices, e-commerce; financial, healthcare, and government institutions; individuals and corporations.

The software allows to:

  1. Identify incoming agents (individuals, business and partner websites, content) based on the Extended Validation SSL Certificates.
  2. Get secure e-mails by verifying senders
  3. Have sensitive information secured by encrypting it
  4. Secure PC, access to it, its resources, information, Internet connection, and processing procedures
  5. Identify potential dangers of the server or site’s technical configuration
  6. Have a 2-factor authentication to secure electronic banking systems, webmail, partnership applications
  7. Verify if the site is legitimate and if its SSL certificate comprises business approval
  8. Evaluate the company’s logo, order forms, input boxes, etc.


– around-the-clock online assistance via a PC geek or virtual IT Department

– Free Internet Security for computer owners

Price: $ 3.99/month

  1. Symantec information-centric security

Mission: Protect sensitive data and prevent its loss wherever it is stored

Field:  Healthcare institutions

The software allows to:

  1. Amplify the Data Loss Prevention policies for cloud software
  2. Detect vulnerabilities in the Data Loss Prevention policy and optimize it
  3. Enhance DLP policies from a single management unit
  4. Identify sensitive data by classifying it
  5. Secure sensitive data by encrypting it
  6. Protect data when going outside one’s control and management
  7. Identify and prevent cyber internal and external threats
  8. Assure only the authorized access to data thanks to a multi-level authentication


  • The huge spectrum of support: classified support, community advice and expertise, – training courses
  • E-library

Price: the purchase via the partnership system

  1. mSpy parental control

Mission: make the web a safe place for kids

Field: parents and kids

The software allows to:

  1. Monitor kids’ online activity (adult sites; social media)
  2. Block browsers and sites with lewd content
  3. Look through websites’ bookmarks and browsing history
  4. View searches thanks to the Keylogger
  5. View installed apps, including those leading to the web
  6. Block apps on the target device
  7. View multimedia files uploaded and downloaded
  8. View messengers like Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, etc.


  • Available both for Android and iOS
  • allows tracking remotely GPS location and setting up virtual no-go areas for kids
  • effective against cyberbullying, online predators, and adult content
  • 24/7 support

Price: $22.49/month

  1. AirWatch platform

Mission: Secure the workplace

Field: Big and small businesses, government and academic institutions

The software allows to:

  1. Unify and manage all movements in one platform
  2. Increase the employee’s productivity by providing a set of apps and meanwhile preventing data leak
  3. Increase the employee’s performance by allowing access to a system of operations authorized by the company
  4. Protect corporate information with a device control
  5. Secure access to corporate systems via advanced verification methods, including multi-factor authentication and device compliance checks
  6. Have a full spectrum of сybersecurity opportunities in a workplace thanks to the VMware Mobile Security Alliance membership
  7. MSA provides software scanning and assessment, malware identification, network access supervision, and cloud protection


  • a free 30-day trial
  • focus on the employee’s productivity and its workflow e-safety
  • 24/7 support

Price: from $4.33 per device/month

  1. TitanHQ

Mission: protect businesses and individual users from online threats while networking

Field: businesses, corporations, banks, individuals

The software allows to:

  1. Filter URLs and categorize them into 53 types
  2. Develop and manage a policy with WebTitan Cloud to protect users
  3. Whitelists and blacklist URLs and domains
  4. Monitor and control any incoming content


  • a free trial, free demo
  • work potential is impressive (filter over 1 billion DNS requests per day; handle 60. 000 malware attempts per day)

Price: $38.00/month

  1. Webroot

Mission: To protect the identity

Field: home, home offices, and business

For homes, the software allows to:

  1. Protect from identity theft
  2. Secure smartphones and tablets, PC, Macs
  3. Protect credentials
  4. Protect online storage
  5. View and manage all protected devices from a Webroot management account

For businesses, the software allows to:

  1. Protect emails, browsers, files, ads, URLs, etc.
  2. Secure the endpoints and networks
  3. Restore data to their uninfected state
  4. Сombine with other remote monitoring and management platforms


  • A free trial and demo
  • identification and protection against unknown threats
  • data restoration

Price: $30.00/year

  1. Cloudflare

Mission: Make an online presence safer and online interactions faster.

Field: SaaS, public sector, business

The software allows to:

  1. Resist the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, even those aiming at DNS infrastructure
  2. Protect against login break attempts and other unauthorized invasive behavior
  3. Protect against unpredictable traffic spikes and attacks
  4. Secure the Internet infrastructure against Structured Query Language (SQL) injection attacks, cross-site scripting, and forgery requests
  5. Secure data via encrypting it
  6. Protect the domain name system thanks to The Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)
  7. Protect the company from domain hijacking thanks to the Secure Registrar.


  • thanks to its huge network, it detects and blocks new and evolving cyber threats
  • community expertise
  • products training and guides

Price: a free version; $20/month per domain

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Each of them is tailored to meet the specific needs of every industry. However, there’s one thing they have in common: they strive to protect the most valuable property – the information.

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