6 Best Tech Careers To Consider

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The field of technology is by far the most happening all over the globe. Advancements and innovations are being made on a daily basis which, among other advantages, has given rise to numerous career options for people. From data science to FinTech, from AI to software engineering, there is a lot to explore for students and professionals looking to enter the field of technology and build a career here. When it comes to technology, the prospects are endless.

The US technology industry is currently worth nearly $2 trillion. This is roughly 35% of the global market. Employment in this sector accounts for 8% of the total US labor force, and the field itself contributes almost 10% of the nation’s GDP. After healthcare, tech is the second biggest industry driving the US economy, and its support is only growing, given the extensive integration of technological advancements into every other industry.

Knowing all this, here are some tech careers that you can consider moving forward:

1.       Data Analyst

One of the most prolific, lucrative and rapidly developing career fields is anything involving data management and analytics. Data has become the most valuable currency in the modern age, and data scientists are just as valuable as financial experts these days. The task of gathering and analyzing a lot of data from numerous sources falls to data analysts. The insights they derive from this data are then used to inform business decisions. To find patterns and trends, these experts employ statistical modeling and data analysis programs.

In order to communicate findings with interested parties, they also create diagrams, graphs, and reports. Data analysts typically hold a bachelor in data science, computer science, statistics, or a closely related subject. Some people decide to get a graduate degree to boost their income prospects too.

2.       Computer Programmer

Computer programmers create commands that tell operating systems how to carry out operations. In order to create, test, and improve software applications, they work with various languages. They collaborate closely with engineers and software developers to design practical, user-friendly programs.

The educational requirement for starting a career as a computer programmer is preferably a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Thanks to this degree, they get knowledge of fundamental subjects including advanced arithmetic, statistics, and programming techniques. In many situations, programmers must enroll in supplementary courses or continuing education programs to brush up on new languages and keep up with changes in the business.

3.       Database Administrator

Software databases, including user accounts, census data, statistical surveys, and client records, are managed and maintained by database administrators. In the event of a system breakdown, they handle backup solutions and enable secure database access. Additionally, database administrators are responsible for installing updates, updating antivirus software, and diagnosing and resolving system problems.

A lot of database administrators have a bachelor’s degree in information systems, computer science, or computer engineering. Some people decide to get an advanced degree to learn more about their area and boost their earning potential.

4.       Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity specialists are responsible for maintaining the security of a company’s network and software. This work involves creating, testing, implementing, and evaluating the efficacy of various security mechanisms. Making suggestions for risk prevention and intervention is a frequent part of it.

Students who want to become cybersecurity specialists typically earn a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, information technology, or computer science. Many employers favor hiring cybersecurity experts with several years of work experience in computer science and information technology in addition to educational qualifications.

Cybersecurity is a profession that has rapidly risen in demand, given the threat from cybercrimes worldwide. The damages from these activities have crossed into trillions of dollars annually, which is why companies need professionals to strengthen their digital infrastructures. This is essential to protect against significant losses that continue to grow year after year. A cybersecurity specialist can make up to $110,000 a year.

5.       Cloud Systems Engineer

Cloud engineers evaluate the technical infrastructures of a business and move some operations to a cloud-based platform. They collaborate with technical personnel to identify and execute cloud solutions as well as to address or resolve problems with cloud-based operations. Development and planning of cloud-based software, applications, and web services are some of the additional responsibilities of cloud engineers.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, technology, or software engineering is often the starting point for a career as a cloud engineer. Some people might seek a master’s degree in a related subject. Cloud engineers with considerable programming language knowledge and multiple years of hands-on experience are preferred by many businesses. Cloud engineers can make more than $120,000 a year if they find the right opportunity.

6.       Software Engineer

Software engineers build websites, develop applications and undertake a wide variety of relevant management tasks too. In order to create computer applications, software developers use engineering principles and frequently work with programmers and other engineers to produce software programs. They must also suggest upgrades for current systems and thoroughly document applications and systems to create operation manuals.

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, software development, or a related discipline is often required to become a software engineer. However, self-learners can also find employment after high school and garnering relevant experience. Software engineers can make close to $130,000 a year depending on the company, location, and role that they are assigned. The field is still open to numerous opportunities, and professionals can easily find secure jobs for themselves anywhere around the world.


Technology is a massive, diverse, and constantly evolving niche. These characteristics also define the jobs that open in this area. In order to pursue a career in segments that are related to technology, there are several avenues that a person can explore. Ultimately, the career you land will offer great monetary benefits, the ability to grow, and the chance to work for any company, no matter where they are based. Together, these elements make tech careers popular options for young professionals searching for a sustainable and secure future.

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