Challenges of Cloud Computing: 5 Key Problems to Be Aware Of

Cloud Computing meaning

While migrating IT operations to the cloud can offer great benefits to a company, there are many issues that can arise during the migration. By outlining what these common issues are and the effects they have on an organization, any business can begin to adopt strategies to counteract these problems.

What is Cloud Computing?

Rather than storing data on-site in a physical location, cloud computing refers to using a network of remote servers that are hosted via the Internet. These servers are used to safely store, manage, access, and process data that an organization has. Nearly six out of ten businesses have started utilizing cloud computing in the last year, going to show how important this technology is for a business. However, while productivity and efficiency can be increased through cloud computing, there are a number of common problems during migration to be aware of.

5 Issues Organizations Face with Cloud Computing

No matter how strong an organization’s knowledge base is before migrating to the cloud, several common issues can arise. Better prepare your organization for an upcoming migration by covering these potential problems with department heads so they can report if one occurs:

Cloud Sprawl

When mismanagement or misconfiguration of a cloud environment occurs, a company may experience cloud sprawl which limits their visibility into their cloud services. This results in the unintentional growth of usage in the cloud, which can reduce efficiency and cost money over time. Use reputable cloud tools or a managed cloud service provider to prevent this potential issue.

Security Management

Security concerns are a major factor many organizations take into account before migrating to the cloud. Train your workforce on up-to-date security practices such as two-factor authentication and password management to ensure that there are no security leaks when setting up your servers.

Performance Challenges

Integrating the cloud within an organization is naturally going to require a bit of tweaking in the future to optimize performance. Note any performance issues that may be occurring to identify those challenges so that they can be adjusted in the future.

Lack of Knowledge and Expertise

In some cases, a lack of knowledge and expertise can result in mismanaged cloud services, which can result in other problems on this list. Utilize a managed cloud service provider or hire a cloud expert within your organization’s IT department to manage the migration and ongoing management.

Cost Management

When properly optimized, the cloud will save costs for an organization. When integrated improperly, however, the cloud can cost organizations money through the use of unnecessary services. This is why using a cloud expert within your organization is so important during the setup.

The Bottom Line

No business will be able to complete a migration to the cloud without running into a few minor issues. That’s why handling migration one department at a time is the best strategy for any business. To that end, however, prepare yourself for some of the above common problems that may arise so that you don’t find yourself wondering what to do should they occur.

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