Clash Royale Heal Draft Challenge 12 Win Strategy, Tips & Tricks – Heal Spell Card releasing May 1

Clash Royale Heal Draft Challenge

Heal Draft Challenge : Clash Royale Heal Draft Challenge decks, Heal Draft Challenge winning strategy, best Heal Draft card combos, tips and tricks.

Clash Royale, freemium mobile strategy game comes up with interesting weekly updates, tournament, and games. Every week there are some special events and challenges. Last week we had a Clan chest battle arena, now the developers at Supercell have come up with Heal Draft Challenge. Previously, I enjoyed playing the Grand Battle RAM Challenge. It will begin April 28th and goes till May 1st. Hurry! Only less than 24 hours left.

Heal Draft Challenge

The all new special Clash Royale Heal Draft Challenge is here. I am in love with this special challenge.

It introduces all new Clash Royale Heai rare card.

How to Play

It’s yet another special draft challenge by Supercell. The game is designed in such as way that you have to pick 4 cards and remaining 4 cards will be received from your opponent. One of you will get to play with the Heal spell.

Simple and easy!

Remember with 3 losses your current challenge ends and you receive your prize.

This is overall 16th Clash Royale Special event.

Heal Draft Challenge Details

  • King Level – 9
  • Common Level – 9
  • Rare Level – 7
  • Epice Level – 4
  • Legendary Level – 1
  • Overtime Length – 3 Mins

Clash Royale Heal Draft Challenge Rules

Rules are pretty simple, 3 losses and you are out. Although you receive your prize depending upon your wins, you are kicked out of the tournament. Nothing to worry as you can still continue playing all new Heal Draft Challenge. Each one is provided with one free entry to play this challenge and after that you will have to play 10 gems to get another shot at Clash Royale Heal challenge.

Heal Draft Challenge Winning Deck:

Since this is a draft challenge, four cards will come from your enemy. So select any of the following cards if available –

  • Ballon : Very helpful and will have level 4. If used with Mirror, you will be able to get Ballon level 5.
  • Goblin Barrel
  • Skeleton Army
  • The Log
  • Fireball
  • Furnace
  • Minion Horde

Strategy for using this deck is here.

Heal Draft Challenge Combos:

The following combos of cards works awesome in this challenge –

  • Inferno Dragon + Heal Spell
  • Lava Hound + Heal

Heal Draft Challenge Tips:

  • Defend and then Attack: The defend and attack strategy works awesome in Clash Royale game. Let your enemy first attack you and in reply defend his move. By doing this, your card if has power is ready to take on your opposition joined with supporting cards as well.
  • Select Mix of Air and Grounds Cards: The air attack is likely to benefit you more than anything else. So, try to choose those options among your available cards.

Heal Draft Rewards:

With this challenge you will get the following rewards depending upon your wins –

  • 100 Heal Spells at 12 wins (Top reward)
  • 25,000 Gold Coins at 10 wins
  • Giant Chest (Based on Current Arena) at 8 wins
  • 10 Healing Spell Cards at 6 wins
  • 2500 Gold Coins at 4 wins

Unlock Heal Spell

Play more to unlock more heal spell cards.

Do share your winning card deck for Heal Draft Challenge that you are using.

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