6 Essential Things to Know When Designing an App


Designing an app is a great way to provide many products and services to thousands of people around the world. Whether it’s an online store or an application that solves a problem for people, there are things that every developer has to think about when they start creating.


Thinking about codes may seem like a straightforward thing to do, but it’s a crucial step you have to take. In the world of app development, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to code. Many people have a great idea but don’t have the coding skills needed to implement the concept. If you’re one of these people, then there are a couple of things you can do.

You can learn how to code yourself. Learning code may take some time, as you would most likely have to teach yourself or enroll in a course. If you’re looking to make your app as soon as possible, then hiring people who can already code will be your best option.

In the long term, hiring people to do coding will help a lot, especially when you have to make updates to your code.

Make Sure Your App Solves the Problem

Deciding what your app is going to do is the first step you should take. Having this precise idea in your head will help significantly with further planning and development. More importantly, you need to consider whether or not your app will solve the problem you’re aiming to solve.

If you have been to an app store, you may have seen that there tends to be more than one app available for each category. Instead of just making yet another app that does the same thing, try to develop something that solves a problem, which similar apps can’t.

Focus on a Target Audience

You need to know for who you’re designing your app. Having a target audience helps focus on the purpose of your app and assists in getting it to the correct people.

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It’s essential to do a lot of research before moving on from this stage of your planning as it will determine many aspects of your final design.

App Design

One of the significant aspects that are determined by your audience is how your app will look. If you decide to market towards older people, then a very busy interface may not be a good idea. If you’re looking to attract business professionals, then you would likely go for a simple professional look.

Interface designers from Brain Box say that apps should always need to be designed with the end-user in mind. It’s one of the best ways for you to get noticed among hundreds of similar apps.


The safety of your customers should be a top priority. Many people keep important information on their phones. Users often worry that this vital information can be at risk. It’s up to you as a developer to make sure that your app has the necessary security protocols in place.

If you’re making an app that requires this information to be entered into your database, then security is even more essential. Customers will lose faith in your product if you have any kind of security breach that puts them at risk.


IOS and Android are the main supporters of apps. It’s usually recommended that an application should run on both of these platforms. Doing so will ensure that yours will reach as many people as possible. 

Many apps get released on both platforms at the same time. If you only publish on one platform, you might have great success but end up losing many opportunities from the other. Potential customers might not be willing to change platforms just to use your app. Also, other developers may take advantage of the situation on different platforms to fill in the gap.


Deciding to make an app can be exciting, but you should do all the necessary planning before you start. Having everything in place before you begin coding will help you tackle all problems that come your way.

By becoming a developer that knows what design to go with or which audience you wish to reach, your app will become more successful.

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