How to Factory Reset Galaxy S5 to Default Settings – Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint

Samsung Galaxy S5

If the Galaxy S5 owned by you is acting up a bit strange lately, the factory reset will ensure that the problems that you have are resolved and which would definitely happen with most of the cases. If none of the things that you have tried is really working then it is time to opt for the factory reset and solve the problems at your own.

Reset Galaxy S5

However, it is essential that you take a backup of the information like the contacts, photos, messages, music and your videos to avoid any unwanted loss. The factory reset will erase the data at your phone and will restore the software of the phone to the original setting of the phone.

  • Open the applications drawer and then opt for the Settings icon.
  • After that you should opt for the User and Backup section from the settings screen.
  • Then use the backup and the Reset option. In the tab view the settings can be viewed in the General tabs.
  • After this you will be required to tap the option of personal data and then opt for the option of factory data reset.
  • The operation of reset will erase the data at the phone which is inclusive of the Internet accounts, application data, downloaded applications, the system settings and it will revert the phone to the state it was originally in.
  • As the information can never be recovered in any way making a Backup is quite essential.
  • After you are certain that it is quite safe to make a reset, you will be required to go for the option for the Reset Device.

After the setup is done, the old data can be recovered. The applications can again be downloaded from the Play store on the My apps section and your phone is ready to use.

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