What Gaming Devices a Player Needs in 2024

Gaming device

The modern gaming industry is constantly evolving and offering players new experiences and opportunities to enjoy the gaming process.

On the market, there are a number of, on one hand, optional, but interesting devices that will significantly expand the gaming experience and bring new sensations to the gameplay.


  • Gamepad
  • Steering wheel and pedals
  • Aircraft steering wheel
  • virtual reality helmet


A portable device is familiar to many who were related to game consoles and game devices.

The pluses of the gamepad are in the compactness of the placement of the keys and a large set of options for games related to sports and fighting games.

For example, if we are talking about a football simulator, then with a gamepad it is much easier to perform tricks and farm fut coins due to the compactness and quick accessibility of all keys. On a PC, this is more difficult to do due to the wide surface of the keyboard and the need to get used to the conditions and combinations.

With fighting games like Tekken it’s even easier – such games require knowledge and the correct use of game combinations for applying tricks and special strikes. On the gamepad, this is much easier to do, due to the accessibility of the keys to the rapid movement of the finger.

Steering Wheel and Pedals

The steering wheel and pedals perfectly complement any simulator related to driving a car.

Races of well-known series are more interesting and realistic to pass using the steering wheel and pedals in the car control simulation mode.

There are even projects initially created under the control of transport with the help of the steering wheel and pedals.

Euro Truck Simulator is also considered such a game – the main idea of ​​the game is the need to take on the role of a trucker in a large logistics company with the opportunity to open your own business. The player will have to travel across realistic maps of Europe and Scandinavia, with the task of delivering cargo from city to city within a specified time frame.

The project includes real car brands, an accurate map of Europe and Scandinavia, and realistic truck physics. So a trip without a trailer and with a fully loaded truck will be noticeably different. Especially noticeable when accelerating and braking the truck.

Aircraft Steering Wheel

An ideal device for fans of air simulators and military games.

The player will experience realistic thrust during takeoff and landing while performing aerial maneuvers.

An interesting effect will be received by players, and fans of a series of games like War Sander – air combat is much more interesting using the steering wheel, but also more difficult at the first stage. But, after getting used to it, it will be much easier to fly, because the steering wheel reacts to the slightest change in position and starts changing course immediately, while on the keyboard you need to press the necessary key combination.

Virtual Reality Helmet

An absolutely innovative device that creates the effect of presence in games.

Of the minuses include the high cost and a few supported games, but the technology is developing, and it is a matter of time before the market will be oversaturated with these devices.

Valve has released a full-fledged game with support for a virtual reality helmet. Players could try out the new version of Half Life and fire on their own using a special remote control.

Of the minuses, the players noted rapid eye fatigue about 30 minutes after the start of the gameplay, but given that the technology is still relatively new, the developers will think over the aspects necessary for a long game without complaints about well-being. Now everything is decided by the game intermittently, but even in such conditions the project is very interesting and one of the first games in the genre for virtual reality helmets.

Monitors Don’t have to be Expensive or have Advanced Technology

The scheme is as follows:

  1. Main monitor – ideally with 2k extension and support for 144 Hz or more.
  2. Auxiliary monitor – you can get by with an extension of 1080 and 60 Hz if there are financial possibilities – 120 or 144 Hz.
  3. Auxiliary monitor, similar to the second.

Important – monitors must be in HD quality in order to maintain good and clear quality on par with the main monitor, otherwise, the difference will be very noticeable and interfere with the overall impression.

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