Grabbing Xiaomi Mi 5 Screenshot Guide [Photo Screen Capture]

Whenever there is a new flagship launched we cover up ‘how to take screenshot‘ guide on those phones. That has become customary for us. A couple of days back we did cover up Galaxy S7 Edge screenshot, earlier today on Xperia XA or Xperia X smartphone and in this particular space we will go through Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone.Xiaomi Mi5

Xiaomi Mi 5 Screnshot

On first day of Xiaomi Mi 5 sale in China, the device received 14 million registrations for its first sale, setting up a new record. If you are wondering why people are so crazy, then checkout Mi5 Specs and the price of just over $300, which has brought people to standstill. Anyways moving on from that historical number mania, we are going through Xiaomi Mi5 Screenshot taking guide.

Just follow the process mentioned below to achieve screenshot on Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone –

  • Navigate to the screen to for which you need the screenshot. Yes, you are right, there is no settings or anything you should do first.
  • Know the location of Power button and Volume down button.
  • Now press and hold both Power button and Volume down button together for few seconds until you hear camera like shutter sound and you will see flashy animation on your device.

In order to view screenshot that are taken on your device, you can go to Gallery > Screenshot folder.

You can also access screenshot that are taken directly from the notification panel when you take them. You can also checkout our tutorial on Xiaomi Mi 5 if you own this beautiful handset.

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