How Do You Connect Your Phone to a Spotting Scope?

Phone Spotting Scope

Nature never fails to amuse us with its spectacular range of flora and fauna, sparkling streams of water, sky pitched mountains, and so on.

Sentiment towards earthly beauty leads some of us to know and observe nature more thoroughly. Whether you’re a professional terrestrial photographer or enjoy nature spotting merely as a hobby, you need to own a spotting scope to make it fruitful.

You can even click photographs by attaching your smartphone to a spotting scope – all hail technology!

What Is a Spotting Scope?

A spotting scope is a handy portable telescope that can be set up on a tripod and used for watching the wildlife and studying their features and such.

Although many might argue for it to be similar to binoculars, its primary dissimilarity lies in their lenses and eyepieces. While binoculars have two lenses along with two eyepieces, a spotting scope one has one of each.

Besides, the magnification power of a typical spotting scope is much higher than a piece of high-end binoculars. Also, spotting scopes tend to give a much more stable view when used with a tripod and helps you take wildlife photography to the next level!

And if you’re aiming for a shoot, as a leisure fun sport or as per your training requirement, spotting scopes provide a much sharper zoom and outline to get your target right.

Quite a few well-known brands, such as Nikon, Leica, Zeiss, Swarovski Optik, Tasco, and others, are already sold in stores at a good deal. So don’t forget to search up on some of them if you settle on getting your first spotting scope or even replace your current one with a better upgrade.

Clicks with a Spotting Scope – Attach to a Phone!

In case you’re interested in digging into your photography skills through wildlife clicks, a phone might feel like it’s not enough. What if we tell you it is? Connecting a phone with a spotting scope, you get two jobs done in one place.

Smartphones enable you to take pictures while spotting scope does the zooming for you. One thing you require is a scope adapter that helps you to attach the phone with the spotting scope, and you’re ready!

Scope Adaptors: Get the Right One

With a variety of scope adapters available in the market, you can easily choose the perfect one according to your personal requirements.

Some things you might want to consider while buying your scope adapter –

  • Make sure it’s made of sturdy material, such as zinc or aluminum alloy, to guarantee its durability.
  • Go for adapters that offer a wide range of fit. Universal fits are definitely an incredible feature to go for!
  • Scope adaptor that can be fixed to a tripod is another plus point, in case you ever want to get one to click some serious shots.

So How Do We Connect It?

Now, there are two easy ways if you wish to connect your phone to the spotting scope –

Method One: Using Optic Adapter

Attach the optic adapter to the spotting scope. Similarly, put the adaptor case on the back of your smartphone. Be certain that it fits properly; otherwise, your phone might fall off. Then simply attach the adaptor case with the optic adaptor.

Method Two: Directly Attaching

Another quick friction-based way to secure the phone to the spotting scope is to directly attach both the optic adaptor and the case with the mobile. Later on, just slide it on to the spotting scope eyepiece, and it’s done.

In such easy steps, you can fix your smartphone to the spotting scope with no sweat, zoom in, focus on to your object, and get your desired photograph!

Motion Photography with a Spotting Scope

Since we’re done with the basic facts on connecting a phone with a spotting scope, let’s focus on another aspect of taking some marvelous motion shots.

The best way to click some top-notch still images with a spotting scope is now possible. By using a spotting scope tripod, you can easily focus on your frame with a steadier balance. It also guarantees precise prints with detailed features and no blurriness.

This item is definitely a must-have to add to your inventory in case you look forward to avoiding any shakiness to come in the way of your view and photography and decide to treat yourself with a spotting scope tripod. Here’s a helpful guide for you to pick the most suitable tripod for maximum results and comfort.

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