How Tech Can Help You Offer Better Customer Support

Tech for customer help

When it comes to tech and business, you’ll only want the gadgets and services that are worth your time and money. There are many tech items that can help your business to improve its efficiency, and in particular, the way in which it offers customer support.

Technology can help boost the convenience of interactions, speed up communication between a business and its customers, and even allow customers to do as much as possible to help themselves without your business having to get directly involved if not needed.

Therefore, tech can make the customer support experience more efficient for both the customer, and the business.

Which Tech Gadgets Can Help with Customer Support?

  • VR devices: If you have a product or service that you need to demonstrate to customers, and which they would like to learn more about, VR is a brilliant way to enable customers to engross themselves in new features and try them before they buy.
  • Video devices: Webcams or devices set up with a camera and video call capabilities mean that you can video chat with customers who need direct support.
  • Smart devices with social media: Social media direct messaging and commenting mean that your business can stay in touch with customers and answer direct queries through social media. Any business that isn’t utilizing social media chat or messaging for customer support is missing a key opportunity.

How Tech Can Help with Customer Support

Implementing Artificial Intelligence

Live chat is an extremely helpful feature for many customers who need their questions answered. While you can implement live chat with dedicated staff representatives, you can also use AI to provide customers with automated answers to their questions.

Not only can live chat help to offer a more well-rounded customer support experience, but it can also eliminate the need to employ an individual and pay an extra wage if using a chatbot instead.

Using the Cloud

The cloud offers an easy, secure, and efficient way for businesses to communicate and store information, across a number of devices and accessed in-house or remotely. Using the cloud can significantly help with seamless business communication and, in turn, more dedicated customer service. By being able to access information on a secure cloud server from anywhere, business operatives can access the relevant information whenever needed to help customers.

Not only that, but a clear cloud structure is going to help businesses to remain more organized and productive in themselves, which means a more reliable focus can be put on customer service.

All businesses and employees can look to hone their cloud capabilities through learning and training, as shown with Azure Cloud tutorials.

Call Diversion

Direct phone chat is becoming less and less popular as the internet takes over, but that doesn’t mean that all customers won’t want to pick up the phone as their first port of call. Having a professional call answering system implemented into your business will be a boon for satisfied customers, and the right pieces of technology can help you to do that.

Call diversion is one way you can make sure that all customer queries can be answered if lines are busy, or to avoid them having to wait on hold or leave a message. You could set up call diversion to go to mobile so that a professional off-site can still answer the query if no one is in the office, for example. This is extremely helpful if you’re a small business or a startup that is not always in the office or needs to work remotely.

A Dedicated Website Page

Most customers will want to avoid direct contact regarding a query if they can help it, and will choose to seek the answer to their query independently first. This is where a dedicated customer service page will come in useful, and this can be implemented on your company website.

A self-service customer support page which enables customers to search specific questions, browse topics and solve their own issue is a great tech feature to have for any professional company. Most customers will be dissatisfied if there isn’t at least a small section on the website for customer queries with questions answered.

In providing a dedicated website page, be sure to offer information on how the customer can contact you if they can’t find the answers themselves.

Final Thoughts:

Tech gadgets, processes, software and devices work to improve lives on a daily basis and make everything more efficient. Even if you aren’t the biggest tech fan, there’s no denying that technology does make everything easier. This is a key feature to have for any business, so embracing gadgets and tech will always be a benefit.

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