How Technology Helps Us Learn

Technology helps in learning

Technology has influenced so many different aspects of our lives. We can shop without having to leave home, keep fit, watch movies and listen to music, keep our brains healthy, and manage our time. It has also had a profound influence on the way we learn. Information is now instantly available, and the possibilities for learning are virtually endless. Not so very long ago, both teachers and pupils were encouraged to leave their tech at home and not bring it into the classroom. There has, however, been a technology revolution in the education system and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. Here are some of the ways technology helps learning.

  • Improved Communication

It might not seem like it, with so many people plugged into their mobile devices, but communication is an essential element of any activity. Even more so in the world of education. If a teacher can’t communicate with their students, their work would be impossible. Thanks to technology, there is a wide range of options when it comes to communication.

It’s even possible for communities and groups to be formed remotely. Online collaboration tools allow students to not only talk to each other but their tutors as well. Rather than waiting for the next lesson, a student can ask for clarification in real time.

  • Advanced Research

How many of you remember sitting at the school library going through a pile of books for the smallest amount of information? Thanks to the internet and cloud storage, research is a lot easier. So much so that research is now a useful tool rather than a bothersome chore. Research now takes much less time, and students can incorporate more information and knowledge in their projects than ever before.

  • Digital Simulations

In the traditional classroom, a teacher stood at the front of the class and used a chalkboard or tried to explain a concept verbally. Nowadays, thanks to digital simulations and models, students can better understand various concepts and disciplines. It’s not just students that benefit from technology in this way.

It has made things much easier for teachers, too, especially if they’re struggling to explain something within the boundaries of their classroom. Being tech-savvy has become an essential skill for the modern teacher who wants to take advantage of interactive controls, activity models, and different types of text.

  • Self-Paced Learning

Michigan Tech’s online statistics degree is an excellent example that demonstrates how it’s now possible to learn at your own pace. If you struggle at times to absorb an idea, technology plays an integral part in your learning. Lessons and curriculums can be exclusively designed, additional learning resources can be made available, and it’s possible to learn from anywhere in the world.

Lessons can be slotted in around other commitments. You can even improve your education while you’re working because you’re no longer restricted to attending a physical college or university location.

  • Effective Assessments

Using technology, teachers can keep themselves in touch with a student’s progress as well as prepare lessons more effectively. Using a range of different software, a teacher can set and receive student assessments in real-time.

It’s possible for a teacher to keep track of how many assignments have been given and how long it took for individual students to solve a problem. It means they can quickly and easily determine which students are making progress and which need additional support.

  • Learning can be Fun

If learning is made to be fun, it helps students retain information better. Technology allows students to learn various concepts in a more interactive and playful manner than ever before. Spend a few minutes looking at the multiple education apps available in either the Google Play or Apple Store. If a student is struggling with a particular concept, they can go online and look for a tutorial video. It is thought that learning in this way because it’s interesting and interactive helps a student digest information more effectively.

  • More Collaboration

Technology has improved collaboration in the classroom by enhancing instant communication using email, instant messaging, and video chat. Students are no longer restricted to learning in the classroom because they’ve got access to information when they’re traveling to school on the bus or in the car. If a student is away from school for any length of time, maybe because of illness, they don’t have to worry about falling behind with their schoolwork. Students are also able to share their work and collaborate with others, not just with those in their class but with students that may live in other countries.

  • Free Education

There are a wide selection of options if you want to learn but have a limited budget. Wherever you are in the world, you can go online and access a good variety of free online courses. Not only are you saving on the cost of the course, but you don’t have to worry about paying for accommodation and travel.

  • Learning and Special Educational Needs

One to one education allows teachers to differentiate between different learning styles and abilities and tailor a learning program for a person’s individual needs. This makes it a perfect learning tool for teachers working with Special Educational Needs students. A student that would normally struggle with the traditional classroom setting now has so many other options. Students can be presented with information in a way that makes it easy for them to understand.

It doesn’t look like technology is about to go away any time soon, so it’s important that we all learn to embrace it and use it to our advantage whenever possible. If you’re interested in your own personal development, spend time doing some research, and you’re bound to find something that suits your needs. It might be an advanced qualification, that means you can progress further in your chosen career. You might be looking to change careers completely. On the other hand, you might simply want to learn how to play the guitar, cook healthier meals at home, or become a social media wizard.

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