How to Check for Software Update on Firefox Phones OTA

Software Update on Firefox Phones

One can update Firefox OS automatically now we the advancing development in the different spheres of Firefox. That is how everything works now. Besides one thing that Firefox and its developer has kept in mind is that not everyone wants the kind of automatic updates that is now available for the different versions. So what has to be done for the people who would still want to update their software manually?

Software Update on Firefox Phones

Well there is a solution to everything and therefore you can always look up on the internet to see what is available according to you convenience and requirement. Keeping aside the fact that by default Firefox is set in a way where it automatically updates itself, here is a step by step guide so as to how one can download manually.

Let’s begin –

  • The Menu button is what has to be clicked in the first place. Followed by the option which reads ‘Help’.
  • The next option which the user should click is the one which read ‘About Firefox’.
  • The above mentioned window will open up as quickly as you click on the option that is mentioned above. And then Firefox will begin to check if there are any updates available immediately and that too on its own. After checking them it will start downloading them automatically.
  • There will come a time soon when the updates will be ready for installations and that is when you have to select the option which reads ‘Restart to Update’.

Hopefully what you were looking for will be completed and done. But before that there are certain points that should be kept in mind and one has to pay attention to that. Say incase while you were trying to download the above mentioned items and somehow it gets stuck, or say any problem occurs due to which the download stops, or it didn’t start at all or didn’t get completed due to other reasons, and there was some problem, one has to download it again and then install a fresh copy of it. Your work is done.

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