Motorola Moto E Screenshot Taking Guide – Snapshot[How to]

With screenshot on any Android phone, whatever you see on your Moto E phone can be shared with friends and family members. It’s all possible by taking the screenshot of what appears on Moto E phone. This includes web pages, game achievements, Google Maps location or other encounter guides.

Moto E Screenshot

Motorola Moto E Screenshot

Achieve Moto E screenshot is a pretty simple and easy guide. Neither rooting is required nor any screen capturing app is required to take screenshot on Moto E phone. If it all any one has suggested to have any specific Moto E screenshot app, you please ignore it as it can be done without any app requirement.

Screenshot on Moto E Phone

Follow the Guide mentioned below to take screenshot –

  • Navigate to the specific page on your phone and keep it open.
  • Know the location of Power button, Volume rocker keys on your device.
  • To take screenshot, just press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button for about three seconds.
  • Once you hear the camera shutter sound, release buttons.
  • Screenshot will be saved in Gallery > Screenshots folders and notification of taken screenshot will be available.

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Taking screenshot via hardware combinations button on Motorola Moto E phone is same as that of taking snapshot on any native Android phone. For those who are having with issues like screenshot not working or any problem, then please drop us a comment below. We would like to extend our help in this regard.

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