Download MIUI 9.5 Update Release Date, Global Stable ROM Features

Xiaomi is getting extremely serious about the software updates.. It was only a couple of months back that the Chinese smartphone giant announced MIUI 10 based on Android Oreo and now we hear that MIUI 9.5 update is officially announced.

Xiaomi MIUI 9.5 Stable ROM

According to latest statement and reports, MIUI 9.5 update will be available to 30 smartphones. The update is been rolled out in phase wise manner.

The MIUI 9.5 is currently rolled out to Redmi Note 3 Special Edition, Redmi Note 4 with Qualcomm (Redmi Note 4x), Redmi 5 Plus, Mi Max and Mi Max Prime and Redmi Note 3 powered by Qualcomm chipset. If you own these handsets then you will see the update available.

Redmi 5, Redmi 5A, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 5A Prime/Redmi Y1, Redmi Y1 Lite/Redmi Note 5A, Mi Max 2, Mi 5, Redmi 4X, Mi Mix 2 and Mi 6 to get the update in between 1st to 10th April.

From 11th to 20th, the update will be rolled out to Mi Note 3, Mi Note 2, Mi 5S, Mi Mix, Mi 5S Plus, Redmi Note 2, Redmi 4, Redmi 3, Mi 3, and Mi 4 phone.

MIUI 9.5 Schedule

Xiaomi roll-out schedule as follows:

Devices ETA
Redmi Note 4x Rolling
Redmi 5 Plus Rolling
Mi Max Prime Rolling
 Xiaomi Mi Max  Rolling
 Redmi Note 3 (Qualcomm)  Rolling
 Redmi 4 Prime  March End
 Redmi Note 4 (Mediatek)  March End
 Redmi 3S  March End
 Redmi 5  April 1st Week
 Redmi 5A  April 1st Week
 Redmi 5 Plus  April 1st Week
 Redmi Note 5  April 1st Week
 Redmi Y1/Redmi Note 5A Prime  April 1st Week
 Redmi Y1 Lite/Redmi Note 5A  April 1st Week
 Mi Max 2  April 1st Week
 Mi 5  April 1st Week
 Redmi 4X  April 1st Week
 Mi 6  April 1st Week
 Mi Mix 2  April 1st Week
 Mi Note 3  Mid April
 Mi Note 2  Mid April
 Mi 5S  Mid April
 Mi 5S Plus  Mid April
 Mi Mix  Mid April
 Redmi Note 2  Mid April
 Redmi 4  Mid April
 Redmi 3  Mid April
 Mi 4  Mid April
 Mi 3  Mid April

Download MIUI 9.5 Global Stable ROM

Here are the links to download the Global Stable ROM:

How to Install MIUI 9.5 update on Xiaomi Phones

Follow the process mentioned below:

  • The update will be rolled-out as per the dates given above. You will get the software update pack i.e., MIUI 9.5 Global Stable ROM will be available.
  • You can flash it through Recovery which is also called as Fastboot.

That was a simple guide on how to flash MIUI 9.5 update.

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