Practical Tips for Dealing with a Damaged iPhone Screen

Repairing a broken iPhone screen costs anywhere between $29 and $279. Due to this, some people would rather upgrade their iPhones than deal with a broken screen.

Surprisingly, you can continue using your iPhone after a small crack on the screen. In fact, you could control some aspects of your cell phone remotely without touching its damaged screen.

Below are tips for surviving with a broken iPhone screen that doesn’t necessarily involve selling your handheld gadget.

Install a Screen Protector

Add a screen protector to your iPhone even if it has a small crack.  It can save your phone from complete damage in case it ever falls again. Screen protectors are incredibly cheap anyways.

However, they’re not created equal. Before you make a purchase, assess the damage on your device’s screen. Some protectors might not work properly if there are large cracks on your screen.

Also, screen protectors vary in their degree of cushioning your phone from heavy damage. Choose tempered glass screen protectors. Ensure they’re scratchproof, clear, and properly priced.

Select a screen protector with blue light filtration.  Blue light from digital devices can cause eyestrain, fatigue, and pain.

Buy a Screen Replacement Kit

Gone are the days when it took up to a week to repair your iPhone’s screen. Now, you no longer need to visit Apple Care or third-party technicians. You can replace your phone’s damaged screen at home.

How does this work? Order a DIY screen replacement kit for iPhones. Check the recommended screen size for the kit you’re about to purchase. If you own an iPhone X, find the best iPhone replacement screen for this specific model.

Importantly, look at the times in your screen replacement kit. It should come with tempered glass for your iPhone, screwdrivers, a manual, and everything else you’ll need to replace your damaged screen.

Visit Apple Care

Although you’re better off buying a replacement kit, Apple rents out a repair kit for $49. But there’s a catch. It withholds $1200 from your credit card just in case you fail to return their kit.

Another option is to subscribe to AppleCare+. If you have this service, Apple will charge you a flat $29 to repair your iPhone’s damaged screen. The benefit here is that the price is fixed regardless of your iPhone model.

With AppleCare+, Apple will usually charge you anywhere from $99 to $300. With that in mind, the cost of repairing your phone’s screen could rise if it has more damage besides a broken screen.

Access your iPhone through an App

Your iPhone might hit the floor so hard that accessing various apps becomes impossible. Don’t worry. Apps like Broken iPhone Controller can help you back up data on your iPhone remotely.

The app lets you connect your iPhone to a laptop or desktop computer. Then you can recover your images, messages, videos, and files.

Your MacBook’s QuickTime Player can also help you access certain files on your damaged iPhone. Precisely, it can help you play audio and music files. You can even mirror your videos on the computer for a better experience.

Ask Siri to Do Things for You

You probably already ask Siri to do all sorts of things for you. After your phone’s screen breaks, now is the time to use Apple’s voice assistant even more. To be clear, this feature works if you’ve enabled Siri to operate while your iPhone is locked.

If Siri works on your broken phone, you could use your phone for a few days or weeks while waiting for your screen replacement kit to be shipped. If the service doesn’t work on your phone, then you may need to find a better option.

Trade in Your iPhone for an Upgrade

Selling an iPhone with a damaged screen won’t get you a lot of money. But at some stores, you can trade in your current device for in-store credits. This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of money when you eventually decide to upgrade your device.

Record Screen on Apple Phones

Buy a new iPhone only after you’ve tried replacing the screen to no avail. And still, consider consulting with a technician to ensure your new screen works smoothly. If you don’t like how your iPhone feels after replacing the screen, invest in a new device.

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