Need a Premium Flagship Phone but Don’t have Budget? Here is how to get it!

Mobile phone loan

There are smartphones available in all price range. If you need a smartphone at the lowest price, you can get it for $100 as well. But buying your next smartphone depends on your current smartphone configuration and the budget.

For anyone using a $300 smartphone will definitely make his budget more than that for the next handset but it will never go down until and unless you are running out of money. Now there are certain people who are ready to buy high-end smartphones.

Samsung’s flagship and iPhone handsets are priced nothing less than $1000. The iPhone X price goes above $1000 and the 512 GB iPhone Xs Max is priced at $1449. That’s too costly, but good thing is that you can get those handsets through several mobile seller/telecom operator’s EMI schemes but again you will have to pay interest on those. Imagine the interest on a $1450 iPhone Xs Max model.

If you have a budget of $800 or $1000, and you need a flagship smartphone that has got everything in it, then you can do one thing – don’t go for EMI schemes which come with interest rates added, instead take a loan of reminder amount and purchase the device by giving the full amount in cash. The remaining amount other than what you have for the handset can be anything from $400 to $1000. So, getting a loan for a smartphone is a nice choice.

Need a loan on purchasing a premium smartphone? Getting a loan from a bank or established institutions depend on your credit score. If it’s good then you can get the loan easily but what happens if your credit score is bad? Here comes the concept of bad credit loan or PayDay loan. One of my friend who is doing his post-graduation in Manchester city had bad credit and was seriously in love with the new iPhone X. As a student, he has limited money in his pocket but with he was able to get a loan to purchase his love, the new iPhone X model. Now he can show up his new device to friends and other students in Nazarene Theological College campus with proud.

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