What Can Public Libraries Do for You that Mobile Apps Can’t?

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Technology has grown massively in the last decade and that has provided many benefits for people looking to gain knowledge. A lot of people seem to think that it won’t be long before public libraries disappear because of the information available on the internet, but those people would be wrong. Mobile devices have certainly helped many people research and study subjects thanks to the many apps they provide, but libraries will always be available because they are able to provide other benefits that mobile apps can’t. Have a look at some of the reasons why public libraries could benefit you in other ways to mobile apps.

You Get the Right Information

The internet consists of many websites that provides the correct information depending on a user’s search request, but there are thousands of websites online that have false information. This means that when you need to search for professional information that needs to be factual, you may end up being provided with the wrong information which could be costly. The great thing about libraries is that the information provided in books is much more accurate and is written by people that have done the research themselves.

Access to Hard Copies

The obvious benefit of going to a library is that they all have thousands of physical books filled with information that is accurate to take advantage of, and apps only consist of information that may or may not be accurate depending on who the app was developed by.

Quiet Environment

There is nothing stopping you from using mobile apps in a quiet room in the house to study, but the great thing about libraries is that you have access to factual information which gives you the opportunity to study with accurate information in peace and quiet.

Internet Access

The majority of libraries have internet access available, so even if you wanted to go to the library to study you’ll still be able to take advantage of all the information on the internet that may not be available in the library.

Scan & Print Facilities

Libraries are often filled with computers these days as they know technology will help benefit the library experience for people. Scanning and printing facilities are often available to use for a small fee, which makes libraries perfect for people that do not have access to scanners and printers at home.

Professional Research Advice

One of the best benefits of going to a library is that you can get advice from librarians when it comes to research. Most librarians have a master of information degrees, which they likely obtained from an online MLIS program, and that means they have knowledge and experience that can be helpful when it comes to finding the books and informative literature you require.

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It’s surprising what libraries can do for you that mobile apps cannot. Apps are great for students looking to gain information on particular subjects, especially those who do not live close to a library. However, libraries will always be around no matter how much technology grows, and they will continue to provide the above benefits and grow with the technology to make sure they can still compete with the informative literature available online.

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