Role of Technology in Online Learning

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Although the practice of online learning has been available long before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was the global shift to forced remote education that fully unveiled the role of technology with all the positives and negatives. On one side, we have the clear benefits of accessibility and flexibility of what we learn these days, yet on the other side, there are also evident learning curve challenges and problems related to technical implementation. Since most types of online learning will involve at least one LMS system, it should represent a vital aspect of analysis and any exploration done in this regard.

Role of Technology in Online Learning

Bringing Access to Global Information

The most evident role of technology in online learning is going beyond textbooks and dealing with the specific information that can be accessed right away. The use of things like social media, remote video conferencing, and digital textbooks make it possible to adjust things on the fly and cooperate with college professors and specialists from all over the world. It can pose certain challenges as every student will have to explore things as well to match the requirements. If you are feeling stuck, you may consider trust essay writing service as an efficient solution. Regardless if you require editing or an expert’s opinion on your content, it’s the safe way to go!

Progressive Grading Methods

Online learning and tracking technology have also made implementing an innovative, progressive grading approach easier. It stands for the elimination of a single examination and the unification of the requirements. When some students find it hard to cope with the emotional turmoil of school exams, progressive grading has smaller tests that are taken by the learners all the time. It takes the stress away and helps to keep the right balance between theory and practice by adjusting the learning management systems or the virtual classroom environments.

An Individual Approach to Learning

Technology also plays a vital role for those students who require individual studies because of health concerns or various learning challenges. If we are dealing with an autistic child or addressing health issues like cerebral palsy or PTSD, technology helps to keep things private and assist students with things like spelling, pronunciation, listening, and recording academic information. It also helps to avoid the problems like bullying and the impossibility of transportation, as many college athletes and artists can benefit from online learning practices that stand for a personalized approach, too.

– Shift in Teacher’s Roles

It’s a problem that most healthcare, psychology, and education specialists always bring up when discussing online learning. Starting with the pros and cons of certain tech tools to the use of extracurricular activities and field trips, it always relates to the shifts in how a teacher perceives the responsibilities. Unless there is a hybrid form of education that takes place, the role of a teacher changes all the time as educators have to adjust themselves to the online learning process and hope for the best as they try to keep the attention span of the learners.

Flexibility of the Content

It’s safe to state that online learning would be impossible without the role of flexibility that is usually provided by modern technology. Starting from the virtual classroom environments to video lessons offered by Skype, the constant content adjustment occurs based on the student’s progress. It provides a deeper degree of freedom for educators as they don’t have to follow strict guidelines and can either add or remove parts of the learning curriculum.

The Financial Aspect of Online Learning

Although we may not spend funds on the school bus and getting to college when online learning takes place, things are usually more complex than that because most students have to purchase additional technical gear like webcams, tablet computers, headphones, and more expensive Internet access packages. It’s something that cannot be avoided unless a person wants to hear the video conference hiccups or miss what’s being said during the lesson in a noisy environment. It makes it clear that a financial contribution on behalf of students and parents is inevitable. It also shows that online learning can work for as long as technical solutions work flawlessly, which often brings the actual learning process away from the foreground. It’s a serious concern that is worth exploring when the role of technology in online learning is explored, regardless of the take one has.


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