Samsung Z9 SM-Z930F Specs, Features, Release Date Info

Samsung Z9 Zauba listing

After topping the charts in Android category in terms of sales, the world’s most popular OEM hasn’t given up on proprietary Tizen OS. Still the company is accessing the sustainability of Tizen OS in the mobile operating system market. Joining the Tizen smartphone offering is the Z9 apart from currently available Z1, Z2 and Z3.

Until now the Samsung Tizen smartphones were an entry level affair but things might change with Samsung Z9 SM-Z930F and there are signs of major Tizen development. We might have Samsung Z9 as the first and truly Tizen redefining smartphone.

The existence of Samsung Z9 was hinted just a day before Samsung Z2 launch. The device was spotted in a Zauba document which clearly hints that Samsung Z9 release is imminent. According to the Zauba listing, the device will be priced nothing less than Rs 30,000 and was imported from South Korea on August 19.

Zauba listing are one the trusted source of existence of a new device. Not only Samsung but many smartphones which launched in India were spotted on Zauba.

Source : Zauba and TizenExperts

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