How to Take Screenshot on HYVE Mobiles

Screenshot on HYVE Mobiles

In this guide checkout how to take screenshot on HYVE Mobile phones on HYVE Buzz and HYVE Storm phones.

HYVE smartphones are finally available in the market as on the debut they introduced HYVE Buzz and HYVE Storm phones. In the particular guide we will be dealing on how to take screenshot on HYVE Mobile phones.

Screenshot on HYVE Mobile

Checkout process on how to take screenshot mentioned below –

  • You should located the Power ON button and Volume Down button on your device. They are the hardware buttons available on your device. The Power button and Volume Rocker keys are located on the right & left side bezel.
  • To take screenshot you need to press both Power Button and Volume Down button together at once. Remember – timing is very important.
  • If you were successful, you will hear shutter sound on your device. If not try again and again.
  • You will be also notified via a notification and you will also see some flashy animation on your device when this happens.

Note: All the screenshots that you take are saved in a separate folder name as ‘Screenshot‘ under Gallery.

The process definitely works because this is a default Android property, so it does work on all the Android smartphones, unless and until OEM disables it. HYVE Mobiles has kept this property intact on their devices.

This guide works good for all the HYVE Mobiles phones that are available in the market, not only in India. As the time of writing this article, HYVE Mobiles have launched only two smartphones, so this guide also works good for –

  • HYVE Buzz
  • HYVE Storm

So, that’s it. Do let us know if you face any issues in the middle.

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