How to Take Screenshot on OnePlus 3

Smarter, beautiful and powerful, the OnePlus 3 smartphone is now available globally and if you have purchased it, congratulations. Let’s head-over to what you can do with the device. In the following guide I will show you how you can take screenshot on OnePlus 3 smartphone using hardware combination of buttons.

Screenshot on OnePlus 3

Follow the process mentioned below –

  • To take screenshot you should press Volume Down and Power button together at once.
  • The timing of pressing both the buttons is very important or you might end up in doing some other action on your device.
  • If the screenshot is taken, you will hear shutter sound on your device and also see flashy animation.
  • For all the screenshot taken, you will get notified through the notification panel and you also get various other options.

Where are OnePlus 3 Screenshot Saved?

All the screenshots that you take on your device are saved in a Gallery app under screenshot folder.

The following is the list of Android apps which allows you to take screenshot on any Android phone including OnePlus 3 –

Note: All these apps requires root permissions on your device.

So that’s it, that’s how you can take screenshot on OnePlus 3 or OnePlus phone or any other Android phone. Do let us know if you face any issues.