Tips And Tricks To Search Domain Names That Are Perfect For Your Business

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When you are trying to select good domain names, it will be a much easier task if you have some help. Here are a few helpful tips you can use while you search domain names.

Helpful Tips for Picking a Good Domain Name

The Internet has come a long way since its beginning, and so have websites and domain names. It is not so easy to pick a domain name quickly, many of the good ones are already in use (more than 330 million). In fact, some may be in the hands of domain investors (not cybersquatters) who came up with good creative domain name ideas and register it, then offer it for sale at higher prices.

So, what can you do to get a good domain name?

Get Your Team Involved

If you are an existing business looking to add an online presence, get your marketing and creative people to have brainstorming sessions. Ask them to come up with good spins on your company name if the correct name is already in use online.

New business? You have even more flexibility, focus on your USP, on what you are selling, etc and come up with ideas.

Focus on Relevant Keywords

Can’t get Then try keywords, use Adsense and plug in keywords like apparel, fashion, etc to come up with closely associated words that are also popular in searches. Use these to come up with new ideas for your company’s domain name. Having a good top-rated keyword in your domain name is a good way to get ahead in search results as well as for creating meaningful names.

Focus on Your USP

So, what is your business USP? Do you sell high-end fashion? Do you sell affordable fashion? Does your shop pride itself on anytime/anywhere speedy and safe delivery? You can use words or phrases related to the USP to come up some good domain name ideas which you can then use when you search domain names.

Is your Business Restricted to a Region?

Do you only sell in the state of Ohio for instance? You can try including the state name to increase the chances of getting a meaningful name when you search domain names. might be available.

However, this might prove to be a problem later on if you want to expand your shop to cover other states. You can try country extensions like .us, .ca etc.

Get the Help of a Thesaurus

Now, if school essentials is a popular brand, you may get into trouble for registering that name, even with a different extension. In that case, plug in the word “essentials” into a thesaurus and see what comes up. You might get words like necessities, needs etc which you can pair with school and then begin again to search domain names.

Get Friends and Family Involved

Getting the help of your close circle is always a good idea. Remember not to do this online. If you do, you might find that the perfect domain name idea you have come up with has been snapped up by someone else just a few minutes before you try to register it.

Ask your close circle to assemble in a room and toss around words/phrases related to your business. Try combining two words, or tweaking word combos. These work, like travelocity, microsoft etc.

Get Your Customers Involved

If you are an existing business, why not hold a contest asking your customers to suggest a good name? Give them a unique email id to send their suggestions to. If you get a good suggestion that is available when you search domain names, register it and reward the person who sent the idea.

Lookout for Unique Extensions

Many new Top Level Domains (TLDs) are being added each year. Choose a TLD that is relevant to your business and search domain names with that unique identifier extension like .shop, .shoes. .photos etc.

Use Domain Name Tools

When you run out of ideas, try a domain name generator tool. There are many out there like NameStation, LeanDomainSearch, BustAName, DomainsBot, Shopify Domain Name Generator etc. Many of these top tools show you name suggestions which are valuable with .com extensions. This is a great idea, because most experts suggest you should buy a .com extension name for your website, even if you intend to use a different TLD like .biz, .shop etc. Mostly, if the .com is free, you will find many other relevant TLDs are also available for the suggestions.

Checking to see if relevant and closely associated social media handles are available is extremely important, you can do this by using a tool like DomainTyper.

Selecting a good domain name can be a hard task, as there are more than 300 million registered domain names and many more are being added every minute. But it is not impossible provided you use the right resources and the right tools like Shopify Domain Name Generator when you search domain names. In fact, you can register the domain name you want with Shopify and build your ecom website on the Shopify platform.

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