How to Take Screenshot on Google Nexus 5

Nexus 5 screenshot

So the new Nexus 5 is out and you may want to know how to take screenshots on this new flagship Smartphone by Google. There are basically two ways you can get a screenshot on Google Nexus 5.

Tapping on Combination Keys

Taking screenshots is as easy as tapping on specific combination keys. Click the Power button along with the Volume-down key. This takes you to the screenshot mode directly and your phone begins to take screenshots, which becomes evident with the sound of shutter and an animated display on the phone border.

Once the screenshot is taken it gets stored in the Picture folder or Screenshot folder on the ‘All Files’ folder. Navigate to this location by choosing the ‘File Explorer’ option if the choice for output folder hasn’t been changed. Other way to look for the Screenshot is through the Screenshot notification displayed on notification panel.

Through Apps

Why go through the boring old routine of tapping on keys and looking for the screenshots later when you can have an app to do the work for you. Nexus 5 offers you a shortcut way to access its screenshots through use of apps. There are a few of them available but you’ll have to root your smartphone before you can get started with them. Using apps like Screenshot Ultimate, Screenshot, aScreenshot or Screenshot UX Trail is easy and fun. Just download any of them from the Play Store and get started. Most of them offer a streamlined sequence for taking screenshots.

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