5 Tech Solutions to Jumpstart Your New Business

JumpStart a New Business

When it comes to establishing and scaling a new business, technology plays an integral role in nearly every aspect of the process — from creating your business plan to sourcing investors, creating profit projections and so much more.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to understand and embrace where technology is today in order to successfully scale your business and help it reach its full potential. The ability to adapt to evolving landscapes is key to reaching your desired level of success.

So, what tech tools and solutions should you be focusing your time and attention on? That’s why we’re here. We put together a list of the five technology-based resources and services to help you get started.

Presentation Design Services

No matter your industry or niche, the ability to create a dynamic and compelling presentation is a treasured skill set. As a business leader, you must be able to succinctly present new ideas, profit projections, and any product developments using today’s primary tech resources.

That’s where presentation design services come in. With the help of a PowerPoint design service, you have the ability to create unique and cohesive presentations that not only get the point across but prompt enthusiastic responses from colleagues or investors. With the help of technology, you can also convert your files easily from pdf to ppt and create engaging visual presentations.

A professional agency can work with you to determine your presentation goals and the most effective way to merge your ideas and aesthetics with their expertise and resources.

E-Signature Solutions

When you’re conducting business, time isn’t always on your side. The process of meeting with colleagues, employees, investors, or suppliers to sign documents can use up precious minutes that could be spent productively elsewhere.

The development of e-signature tools has grown in popularity in recent years and for good reasons. Rather than couriering documents or scheduling in-person meetings, you can simply forward an electronic document via email and receive the recipient’s signature within minutes.

Accounting Software

No matter the size of your business, dealing with accounting and payroll information is often a time-consuming process.

As a new business, time is of the essence and this type of software is designed to succinctly perform the work of a bookkeeper or accountant — handling everything from invoices and expense claims to payroll and tax-related documents.

When looking for the right software for your company, be sure to look for well-reviewed, user-friendly resources that can easily integrate with other applications.

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Cybersecurity Solutions

Protecting your business from online malware is essential to ensure your business is able to function safely and everyone’s privacy is protected. Investing in cybersecurity is the first step. You don’t have to be a large corporation to implement proper security for your team.

Start with antivirus software that will protect your electronic devices from potential malware, hackers, and more. Next, create unique passwords and keep them stored offline, so they cannot be accessed by third parties. You may want to consider purchasing a VPN to ensure your professional network is only accessible by authorized personnel.

Email Marketing

Getting in touch with your consumers is, for most businesses, an integral part of their foundation. If you’re a service or consumer product-based business, it’s important to utilize technology to authentically engage with new and existing customers.

Business Intelligence

With email marketing, you can keep subscribers up to date with the latest product launches, upcoming contests, important company news, and more. Plus, many of these tech solutions will allow you to connect your newsletter to your company’s social platforms — for a more engaging way to reach out to your customers.

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