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Like many people today, you have probably replaced at least two or three electronics in the past five years – perhaps even more! It is no secret that the faster our technology develops, the more quickly it also becomes obsolete.

This not only has a massive environmental impact due to the precious metals that are mined in order to make our computers and smartphones, it is also a waste of manpower and resources.

And it of course goes without saying that making frequent replacements is costly and not financially viable. If you are interested in making your technology last longer, here are four ways to help you get going!

Upcycle And Trade-In

For those who want devices that are up to date with the latest technological innovations, you can still prolong the life of a certain electronic device without keeping it as your own! If you trade your phone for cash, you can give it a second life all the while getting a new phone or laptop that is newer and a bit more efficient.

There is a booming market for second-hand electronics. More and more people are turning to pre-owned and refurbished devices because they are not only more affordable, they are better for the environment.

Be Aware Of Their Environment And How you Store Them

Although it might seem obvious, the way in which you store your electronics when you are not using them can have a massive impact on their lifecycle. For example, when your laptop is not in use, it should be stored flat in a cool, dry spot.

Avoid leaving it in your bookbag for long periods of time and always make sure it has a protective case when you are transporting it. This can help reduce the risk of wire and cables becoming detached and can also keep your screen from being cracked.

Knowing Your Batteries And When To Charge Them

It is not a good idea to always have your electronics plugged in and charging at all times. This actually tires out the battery more quickly and will create a sort of dependency on being connected to a charger. Instead, only charge it for a few hours at a time and then take it off charge. This will allow the battery to deplete itself at a normal rate.

Do Your Own Repairs When Possible

While this might not be the easiest of tasks, in theory, many repairs can be done on your own. For example, you can replace a phone screen yourself, just by purchasing a kit online. YouTube is full of helpful videos and tutorials that will enable you to prolong your device’s life and save you money!

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