5 Tips to Make Your Business More Inclusive

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Build an inclusive business for employees and customers starting today.

Almost every business on the planet is now focused on the same thing: inclusivity.

Over recent years, some of the biggest brand names you can think of, from Apple to Starbucks, have all implemented inclusive practices and values. Naturally, this has had a positive influence, as the vast majority of other businesses now want to do the same.

So, if your business is also focused on inclusivity, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can read 5 top tips designed to take your business to a new level of inclusivity where everyone feels welcomed.

1.   Have a Disability-Friendly Website

More customers than ever before are shopping online, with the current number of digital buyers sitting at around 2.63 billion. Importantly, one out of every six people have a disability, from visual impairments to deafness, which is why it’s vital you have a disability-friendly website.

Once your website is more inclusive, you’ll be able to:

  • Make disabled users feel welcome
  • Grow your audience and brand reputation

Essentially, the benefits are endless, and there are absolutely zero downsides.

To help make your website disability-friendly and inclusive, it’s recommended you use Userway, which is an AI-powered platform that adapts websites to automatically make them more accessible to those with disabilities. For example, you’ll be able to add keyboard navigation for visually impaired users so that they can easily browse your website, make purchases, and more. To get started, read a full Userway review so that you know what to expect, with a helpful breakdown of all the key features.

2.   Diversify Your Team

A great hiring strategy is to diversify your team as much as possible. What this means is hiring people from all different backgrounds, from different sexes and ages to different ethnicities. This way, everyone at your company will feel included. Plus, it will show future candidates interested in applying for any vacant roles that you’re an organization that cares about inclusivity.

Once your team of employees is more diverse, you should notice that it has a hugely positive impact on the company culture. Moving forward, this impact will be long-lasting.

3.   Listen to Employee Feedback

Employees like to be heard, which is why collecting (and listening) to employee feedback is vital. It shows that opinions matter and that you want to continuously make strong improvements to your work culture, which is a good thing.

The best way to collect feedback is anonymously, as the majority of your employees won’t want their names attached directly to it. Therefore, you need to send out anonymous digital feedback forms (usually via email) so that employees can fill them out and be more comfortable doing so.

4.   Host Team Social Events

Next, host team social events throughout the year. The key is to make these events as fun as possible, whether you take your employees bowling or out for a meal. Remember, all employees should be invited so that nobody is left out.

If your business is currently hybrid or remote, don’t panic; you can still host team-building social events. The catch, though, is that your events will probably need to be hosted online instead of in person. A great option is to play virtual trivia games or even do virtual karaoke at nighttime. Best of all, this gives people the chance to enjoy a nice glass of wine or other drink of choice while the event is taking place.

5.   Broaden Your Product Range

If possible, you should try to offer a broad product range for different demographics so that all of your potential customers feel included and engaged with your brand. For instance, if you look at big self-care brands like Palmer’s and Dove, they make sure to offer a smaller range of products for men despite the fact that their primary products are directed at women. This is so that their male audiences don’t feel excluded.

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In a short space of time, you’ll be able to transform your business into an inclusive force by following all of the tips and advice you’ve read in this guide. Good luck!

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