Top 3 Professional Slideshow Software

Professional Slideshow software

Whether you want to turn your clients’ photos into engaging videos or present your own work and concepts as a stunning portfolio, you will need powerful slideshow software. There are numerous mighty slideshow making programs available on the market, so it is quite challenging to find the one that is right for you. To help you at least narrow down your search, continue reading to find out about the 3 best professional software for slideshows.

Professional Slideshow Software: Key Features

Before we begin, let’s take a look at what essential features a worthy slideshow-creating program should have: 

  • User-friendly interface: If you want to start making slideshows right after installing the program without having to spend time mastering its cumbersome workflow, then the intuitive UI is what you need.
  • Pre-made templates and effects: Sometimes, you might need to create a good-looking slideshow as soon as possible without wasting time setting it up, so templates will be real time-savers. Pre-designed 3D effects, filters, collages, and transitions are great for spicing up your projects.
  • Multiple layer creation: If you are not going to make a boring presentation, you will need tools that allow you to create complex layered slides that include pictures, videos, texts, masks, shapes, etc.
  • Ability to mix various media: To make a truly entertaining slideshow, you need to add not only still images but also video clips. Bonus points to the software that lets you combine different media formats on a single slide.
  • Sound editing: A video slideshow won’t be as engaging without music. Look for a program that has a built-in music library or the ability to insert your own music. Also, opt for the software that has a voice recording tool and the necessary sound tuning features: cut, split, volume adjustment, audio waveform, etc.
  • Various output formats: Search for a program that has various export options since people prefer to view videos in different ways. Some will only watch slideshows on TV in HD quality, some will enjoy them on YouTube, and others will notice your work via social media on their smartphones.

Now let’s examine each of the best programs in detail:

1. SmartSHOW 3D

SmartSHOW 3D is a professional slideshow maker that is easy to use yet comes with an impressive set of tools. It offers two ways to create a slideshow: you can use one of the 200+ ready-made templates or let your creativity run wild to build a project from scratch. The program lets you mix your photographs and videos, unify the look with artistic filters, make custom animations, add sleek transitions, create Animated Travel Maps, transform still pictures into live photos, etc. You can also overlay music, synchronize it with the slides, record voiceovers, and adjust the audio volume.


  • Straightforward UI and automatic slideshow wizard
  • 200+ design templates for an array of occasions
  • Free built-in music library with more than 200 soundtracks
  • 500+ special effects, transitions, 3D collages, Pan & Zoom
  • Dozens of output formats for PC, smartphones, social media, TV & DVD

2. CyberLink MediaShow

CyberLink MediaShow is another slideshow-creating program that is also great for keeping your media organized. It features facial recognition technology and an intelligent tagging system that can help you sort all your clients’ photos into separate folders in an instant for a quick and easy search. This software comes with a user-friendly interface and dozens of effects and transitions, letting you produce simple videos that won’t distract from your photos on the go. 


  • Dark-themed and beginner-friendly interface
  • Face recognition and tagging features
  • Collection of 70+ transitions and effects
  • Export options for smartphones, social media, DVD

3. AquaSoft SlideShow

AquaSoft SlideShow is a professional slideshow creator filled with attractive effects and dozens of animated text options. It has a useful timeline that lets you break up huge projects into manageable chapters and subchapters. The program comes with 250+ effects and transitions, voice recording & volume adjustment tools. It also has a Chroma Key tool and a built-in collection of backdrops, allowing you to replace the background in a flash.


  • Simple workflow with a manageable timeline
  • Collection of 250+ effects and transitions
  • Chroma Key tool to alter the background
  • Various output formats, including Blu-ray & DVD

Final Words

And that’s it! Now you can create engaging professional slideshows with 3 different programs. If you want to check out all the available options of the best professional slideshow software, just follow the link. So, which slideshow maker is best for you? Consider your skills, goals, and budget to find the answer. Overall, SmartSHOW 3D combines ease of use with a rich feature set to bring all your ideas to life, CyberLink MediaShow can help you stay organized, and AquaSoft SlideShow is great for creating simple slideshows on the go. The choice is now yours!

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