How to Unsubscribe from Feedburner eMail Notifications

Many a time you receive email from your blog readers to unsubscribe them from email updates or you receive daily email notifications from the websites that you subscribed. Practically you cannot reply to all the emails that you receive. Normally these email updates are regularly being sent on your maid id. Further you receive an increased number of mails if you are subscribed to a large number of websites.Feedburner Email Optout

Now here is the simplest way available to stop the feed-burner email updates. Doing this, there is no need to request your website or blog owners to unsubscribe your email address nor have you to reply to all the mails you receive.

Proper steps include –

  1. Just click and open the update email being sent to you by the Feed-burner.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the mail where you will find “Unsubscribe now” link. You need to click on the link.
  3. It will carry you over to the conformation page where you will see “Yes, unsubscribe me now” button. Click on the button.
  4. You will soon see a conformation message telling that you have successfully unsubscribed from the feed-burner email subscription.
  5. Finally you have successfully completed your task.

However Feed-burner bears a limited number of articles in each and every email and in the condition where posts published in a blog are greater than its limit then it adds a short note at the last of the email saying “View Entire Message”. If this condition arises then all you have to do is to click on “View Entire Message” and start following from step 2 stated above.

This is fast and the most effective way to unsubscribe from website’s subscription emails from any further updates.

Preethi Khetani: Preethi Khetani is a well known women Blogger from India. Apart from her contribution here, she writes for and Advices Academy as well.