10 Useful Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Instagram Account Fast

Grow your instagram account

Promoting your Instagram to gain real followers can be truly daunting. However, you have to put in the work in both cases to get free Instagram followers.

Here are 10 useful tips to get followers on Instagram instantly.

Avoid Shortcuts

Gaining followers on Instagram requires consistent effort and patience. At times you may want to resort to rather questionable methods for gaining likes such as purchasing them. It is a very dangerous road and can lead to serious penalties and you can’t get an engaged fan following, brand advocacy, visits and purchases from your landing page, etc.

Consistent Posting

Posting fresh content on your Instagram account consistently is important to gain followers. Make it a habit to post daily and in high traffic hours day and night. Especially increase your number of posts during the weekend.

Start Conversations

Pick a topic, any topic, and start a conversation on your platform. Make sure that there is always something going on at your landing page and try to engage the visitors by posting a question for asking for their opinions.

Be Responsive to Comments

An easy way to strike a conversation digitally is to comment on your post or simply offer an opinion. Respond to comments and tag people from time to time to keep them engaged. Some people also use photos or videos to post comments and gain engagements that convert them into followers.

Practice Creativity Captioning

Catchy captions make visitors interested in what you are saying. So, take a minute and come up with a creative caption for your content to pique their interest. Engage with them by posting additional questions and asking for recommendations and opinions.

Instagram Bio Optimization

To gain free Instagram followers, make sure that your Instagram bio paints an interesting picture of who you are. Utilize the profile image and call to action button to your advantage. Keep the language human to not make your bio sound robotic.

Cross-Platform Promotion

Go beyond Instagram and promote your account across other social media platforms. While you may need followers for your Instagram account, you might have lots of them on some other platform. Share your profile to draw visitors and get followers on Instagram instantly.

Publish Engaging Content

Monotony is not good for promoting your account over any social media platform especially Instagram. So you have to come up with formats or techniques to tell a story that catches the attention of visitors as a refreshing piece of content. Feel free to experiment with the content and figure out what works best for you and follow that pattern.

Benefit from Analytics

You can take advantage of the analytics and figure out which posts are performing well. Then try to follow the same strategy in your successful posts to create more engaging posts. You can check out the Instagram Analytics tool for business.

Follow these tips and gain as many free Instagram followers as you want.

This post was last modified on September 3, 2021 8:04 AM

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