Is VoIP Cost Effective Than Traditional Phones?


Choosing your phone system is one of the most important decisions for your business. It’s one of those decisions that will impact your customer service, brand image, and bottom line in the future. So, do you go for the traditional landline phones or do you hook up a VoIP phone system?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has been around for quite some time. In fact, the first VoIP call was made in 1973. Thankfully, technology has evolved rapidly since then, and today you can get a VoIP call on anything that has an internet connection. Today, VoIP is present in 25% of all households in the US. An IBISWorld report states that the industry generates over $27.1 billion and powers communications for over 3157 businesses.

What does this explain?

This shows a vast shift in the mindset of businesses and consumers. A Forbes study found that 71% of all wasted leads are due to delayed responses. Given the impact it can have on a business, you must choose a phone system that is efficient, cost-effective and easily scalable.

While traditional phone systems are expensive VoIP phone systems are cheap and easy to install. But, that’s not all. You do not even need a call center software with your VoIP phone system, especially if it’s from CallHippo.

There are many such benefits when you take up VoIP. Here are a few-

Customer-Centric Features

Businesses need dynamic and robust phone systems that can make it easier for them to manage customers. While it’s not humanly possible that every customer that calls, is directed to an executive instantly, it is possible to ensure that they remain positively engaged. This allows time for the executive to move to the next customer and address their issues.

How does VoIP build relations?

It shows the customer that the company cares about their time. Simple things like welcome music, dynamic call distribution, voicemail greeting and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) takes the load off of customer service teams and also helps the customer. These kind of features are not easily implemented on traditional phone systems. But for VoIP, they are very easy to maintain and scale.

Intelligent Analytics

A customer service team is not only there to help the customer but also allows the company to re-engage. Using intelligent analytics on your call centre software is a must for any business that seeks to improve its offerings. The better you know your customer, the better your business is. Call analytics features allows you to make data-driven decisions and pinpoint nodes which are working and which aren’t. It streamlines your sales processes and endears you to the customer.

Seamless collaboration

Seamlessly interacting and engaging with your customer is not the only thing that creates a robust salesforce. A call centre softwares needs to facilitate easy collaboration among sales and marketing teams making the process efficient and offering better engagement to the customer.

Push Button Features!

Call transfer, virtual phone number, call conference and ability to manage teams at the push of a button are integral features for any business phone system. Implementing a traditional phone system with such intricate call centre software can be expensive. But this isn’t so with VoIP.

That’s why it’s the most natural choice!

Final Decision

Starting a traditional phone system requires heavy capital expenditure with individual phone sets and drawing up of lines. Scalability is a factor, since for every new connection, new lines, and phone sets need to be installed. This system is time-consuming and capital-intensive.

VoIP the ultimate choice!

On the other hand, VoIP uses internet connections to connect US virtual phone numbers. You can have a VoIP running anywhere, where there’s a working internet connection, irrespective of geographical boundaries. You do not need to install new softwares or maintain connection boards. Everything is done online which makes scaling a dream.

Not only that, maintenance and running costs of traditional phone systems is quite high, especially for international calls. But for VoIP, you can easily manage virtual phone numbers from multiple countries at a fraction of the cost. You can now engage, interact and solve customer queries faster thanks to easy call management interface.

For all your needs, whether they are inbound or outbound, CallHippo provides cloud-based VoIP phone systems that run hand in hand with your business size. No need to worry about the upfront cost or the implementation, since all you need is a headset.

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