Watching YouTube Videos on Firefox Phones – How to Guide

Youtube Firefox Phones

Herein check out how you can watch YouTube videos on Firefox phones. Download YouTube Firefox phone app.

As Operating Systems for smartphones go, Firefox has a long march to cover. While it’s open source formula promises quick and broad spectrum online access the current list of app available or pre-loaded into the Firefox Marketplace is rather limited. Still Firefox OS that’s rooted on Gecko technology and Linux let HTML5 apps like YouTube communicate and be accessed by the device hardware. Till now this was possible only for native apps like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

This really means you can access YouTube online. Mozilla lets you watch YouTube videos instantly on a Firefox OS device and more, right on your smartphone enabled with Firefox OS. You can pursue different features of YouTube like video sharing, DJing and develop other video related skills while also catching up with videos and playlists of choice wherever you are.

It’s convenient that YouTube is one of the many apps that Firefox OS is preloaded with. To watch YouTube videos simply choose the YouTube app shortcut from the tray visible on home screen and get the benefit of onscreen navigation elements. However you may not get cross-app support while you’re on YouTube with Firefox OS. Hopefully this issue should get sorted out in future upgrades. The sequence for accessing YouTube is simple. Once you’re on it, search by tapping on search button on top-right. Now, go through the menu button shown on top-left, so you can directly explore YouTube or sign in for Google account for accessing subscriptions.

The Adaptive search option lets you save a favorite search you’ve typed in, on a video or album etc on home screen and choose any app that’s customized to the search. Overall watching YouTube videos on Firefox OS have been made intuitive and simple. Though speed may vary, YouTube videos that are embedded in web pages open extremely fast.

Download YouTube App for Firefox Phones

Compatible with: LG Fireweb, ZTE Open, GeeksPhone Keon, GeeksPhone Peak, GeeksPhone Peak+, Alcatel One Touch Fire and all other Firefox OS powered handsets.

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