5 Weird and Wonderful Gadgets you Need in Your Life this Year

Do you have a passion for gizmos and gadgets? Are you always on the lookout for the latest tech craze to hit the high street? If you’re well into all things tech related, it must feel like you’re in heaven because there’s always some wonderful gadget being designed. The big tech brands are always unveiling something new, and it’s hard to keep up.

Here’s a pick of this year’s interesting new tech and gadgets you can choose to add to your collection.

  • A Companion for Your Dog

There’s not a pet parent on the planet who likes to leave their best friend and go to work. If you happen to be one of them, this year you’re in luck because designers have come up with a way for you to interact with your dog from anywhere.

Using an app on your smartphone, you can talk to your pooch, enjoy a spot of facetime using the webcam and even give them a treat. Even more amazing, it lets you know if your dog is barking too much.

  • A Sleep Robot

Do you have problems sleeping? Have you tried medication, relaxation techniques, hot baths, exercise, and a wealth of other things to no avail? A sleep robot might be just what you’re looking for. It mimics soft breathing and emits soft music to help you fall to sleep. Engineers that designed it say it not only helps you sleep faster but longer as well.

  • Sleep Tracker

If you’re a fan of the Fitbit, it’s now possible to take sleep tracking much further by wearing a lightweight headband that’s got two sensors. It’s far more accurate for tracking your sleep patterns because it collects delta waves of the deep sleep phase. As well as recording your sleep phases it is able to intensify your deep sleep phase.

Designers and engineers are constantly working to bring us ever more weird and wonderful things. Using software such as CircuitStudio Powered by Altium, circuit boards and other hardware are becoming increasingly more complex. Here are just a few more gadgets you might be interested in.

  • A Clothes Folding Machine

Are you the kind of person that has permanent creases in the clothes you wear because you can’t seem to get a handle on folding them properly?

There’s now a machine that can do it all for you, although it’s not smart enough to fold those dreaded bed sheets and covers yet.

  • Facial Recognition Bowl

This isn’t for you but for your favorite feline companion. Using visual recognition, the bowl only opens up to a specific cat’s face, thereby preventing any other cats or animals from eating their food.

This is just a small selection of the gadgets and gizmos that have been unveiled to the public at some of the top tech shows around the world. There are literally thousands more and an endless list of those still to be discovered.

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We’ve become a generation that’s in love with tech, and the innovations don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

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