White Label Encryption Solutions: Pros and Cons

You can avoid large development investments if you want to build a profitable crypto business or improve an existing business with new revenue-generating features. Instead, you can use White Label crypto exchange solutions—for example, programs you can modify and use under your brand. This saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars and months, allowing you to focus entirely on sales promotion. But like any other business, it has its pros and cons.

Why Use White Labels – and Why Now

White Label tools allow you to build a crypto service using infrastructure built by another company. It’s a ready-to-use, customizable product: all you have to do is apply your design and branding or embed it into an existing platform. Development costs are minimal, and less technical knowledge is required.

Most crypto white-label solution providers are well-established projects in their niche, with infrastructure thoroughly tested over the years. They use knowledge and software to help other companies quickly market and co-produce. We are still in the crypto winter phase, where the market is inactive. However, the next crypto summer seems inevitable. Using white-label solutions helps you quickly test business hypotheses and prepare for the benefits of the next bull run.

What white-label Solutions are There?

Here are some of the most used tools that allow you to implement cryptographic functions without development:

  • Digital Currency Exchange: Create a custom branding platform monthly without building it from scratch. This allows for faster market access.
  • Crypto Wallet: A solution to store, send, and exchange crypto that usually earns most of its income from crypto exchange fees.
  • Crypto bank: a versatile crypto platform that allows users to buy, sell, and exchange crypto products and earn passive income from their earnings. However, crypto banks often offer higher annual interest rates than conventional banks, and the competition in this niche still needs improvement. This opens up an opportunity for anyone who wants to create a profitable crypto business.

Advantages and disadvantages of white-label Solutions

White-label tools allow you to get up and running quickly with minimal cost. However, they may not be for everyone.


Time and cost savings:

One of the most important benefits is time and cost savings. White-label solutions offer a pre-built infrastructure, significantly reducing development time and costs.

Speed ​​to Market:

White-label solutions offer a valuable opportunity for companies wanting to consolidate their position in the cryptocurrency market quickly. Getting to market quickly can be critical to gaining a competitive advantage and increasing market share. By using white-label solutions, companies can skip the time-consuming process of building a custom solution from scratch, allowing them to promptly take advantage of the potential of the rapidly evolving crypto market.

Smart approach to Business:

The business model can change significantly in a new project’s first year of operation. Developing complex solutions from scratch can be impractical. White labels, on the other hand, offer an opportunity to test hypotheses quickly.

Less technical knowledge required:

White-label solutions are affordable because, unlike building a custom solution, they do not require extensive technical expertise. This accessibility makes them a viable option for companies in various industries, as it allows more companies to leverage a white-label product without requiring specialized development expertise or resources.


Limited customization:

White-label solutions have predefined properties. Although they can be added or removed at will, some white stickers may not be tailored to your needs.

Limited control:

A white-label solution relies on the service provider’s infrastructure and technology stack. If you want to configure every feature and work with the core code, white labels may not meet your needs. However, this option requires an expensive development team.

Crypto-friendly bank under your brand in a month – true or not?

Although crypto banks are one of the most promising crypto products, they are also the most difficult to build. A financial services license is required to start this type of business – a separate license for each country or region.

5 Reasons to Choose Kubernetes

For crypto banks, getting a license takes as much time and effort as developing the software. Fully licensed white-label solutions for crypto banking are still rare – and Holvi is one of them. This solution is made by Choise.com, a crypto platform that offers crypto interest accounts and other crypto-enabled investment tools and operates legally in over 170 countries. In six years, it has served a million customers and now shares its infrastructure for others to benefit.

Choise.com has spent $60 million developing crypto banking since 2017 – and now building a crypto banking app with Vault costs only tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, you’ll save yourself a few years of tedious licensing.

Here is a quick summary:

A white-label solution is a great way to get to market fast. Even if you know how to build your infrastructure, you can use a white-label tool to launch your project and start testing business hypotheses quickly. This will help you achieve a positive net profit several times faster than if you had to build and license your product.

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