iOS 9 WiFi Assist Feature Lands Apple in $5M Lawsuit

WiFi assist lawsuit

Lawsuit for big companies mightn’t hurt them as it has become customary for certain companies. Apple had very lawsuit against them but this time Wi-Fi assist feature has landed them in troubles as California-based couple has sued Apple. The new feature in iOS 9, Wi-Fi Assist automatically switches you to cellular for data when you have a poor Wi-Fi connection.The couple from California says that iPhone didn’t warn them before making the switch to cellular network for data consumption and that has landed them to unknowingly breach their data limits on their iPhone. They believe that the damage is well worth $5 million because of the number of potentially affected customers.

This class-action lawsuit is brought up by William and Suzanne Phillips who owns iPhone 5S smartphone. Apple is charged of breaching California’s Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law and also with negligent misrepresentation.

Correlating it with other OEM’s, Apple isn’t just the company which has included the WiFi Assist feature, HTC, Samsung and LG Android phones does such feature with a different naming but none of them have faced a similar lawsuit. On Samsung Android phones, its called as Smart Network Assist.

Earlier this year, two Miami residents also filed a lawsuit but that was related to large amount of storage space consumed by iOS 8 update. Even that lawsuit was of $5 million in damage.

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