Best 6 Apps to Check PNR Status on Windows Phone

PNR Number plays an important role in Indian Railways system. Each and every ticket booked either via IRCTC, IRCTC affiliate site or through normal window ticket, contains a 10 digit unique PNR number.PNR Status Check


If your ticket is Wait listed or in RAC you would like to check the status of it so that you can plan for some alternatives. So its quite essential to check PNR status from time to time. Here in this guide we present you a total six Windows phone based applications to check the PNR status. Alternatively if you have Android phone then you can check 10 Best Apps to check PNR status.

Indian Rail App

Indian Rail is a Windows Phone app intended for various information about Indian Railways. Using this application on your Windows powered smartphone, you can check for train schedule, check PNR status, Travel plan, Train Live status, passing by train information and fare enquiry.Indian Rail AppDownload PNR Status App now

PNR Status App

PNR Status is a Windows Phone designed application intended to check the PNR status of your IRCTC or Cleartrip booked ticket alongside with the normal window booked ticket. This application works both offline and online. For online you will be charged for the data browsing accordingly to your data plans but for offline status check of PNR number, you will be charged accordingly to your SM Service.PNR Status AppDownload PNR Status app now

m-Indicator App

Although m-Indicator is specially designed application for information about the Mumbai city, this has the option to check the PNR status of any Indian Railways booked ticket. This application is also available for Android operating system as well.m-Indicator AppDownload m-Indicator app now

Indian Rail Guide App

Indian Rail Guide is a specially designed application to check the complete details about the Indian Railways trains, availability and information seek. The PNR status option here allows you to quickly get the status of 10 digit PNR number you have. Along with that it also provides information whether chart is prepared or not.Indian Rail Guide AppDownload Indian Rail Guide app now

IndianRail App

PNR Status is another application which is intended for the purpose to check PNR status on your phone directly.IndianRail App

Download IndianRail App now

Complete Railway Enquiry App

Complete Railway Enquiry is another application providing detail information on PNR Status, Train between stations, Ticket availability, Train schedule.Complete Railway EnquiryDownload Complete Railway Enquiry app now.

So which of these apps are you using on your Nokia Lumia phones?