APN Very Mobile for iPhone & Android Mobiles

APN Very Mobile

APN Very Mobile for iPhone & Android mobile settings on 5G/4G LTE network SIM.

Very Mobile is the Italian mobile network provider that offers amazing monthly plans based on customer types.

We don’t cover much of the world APNs but this one is special.

If you have inserted your Very Mobile SIM and the internet is not working then it’s due to the wrong or presence of no APN.

APN Very Mobile

Very Mobile APN are needed for this purpose in order to make sure 5G/4G LTE network SIM is working 100%.


Very Mobile APN

 APN  internet
 Port  80
 MMS Proxy  80
 MMS Port
 MCC  470
 MNC  02
 Authentication Type
 APN Type  default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri
 APN Protocol  IPv4/IPv6
 APN Roaming Type  IPv4
 Enable/Disable APN
 Bearer  Unspecific
 MVNO Type

APN Settings for iPhone:

On your iPhone you can simply do this –

  1. APN: internet
  2. Username:
  3. Password:

No more settings needed.

LTE Setup (Optional)

  • APN
  • Username
  • Password

MMS Internet Settings



 APN  wap
 MMS Proxy
 MMS Message Size  1048576

StraightTalk APN settings

So that’s the APN Very Mobile settings for iPhone & Android.