YouTube Banners: How to Create and Use

YouTube Banners online

YouTube is a giant of video content. You can barely find a person who does not know about this platform. A little less, but still many people post their videos here. Blogging, business, hobbies, whatever – YouTube is the largest source of audiovisual information for most people in the world. But having a channel does not mean being successful. How to bring your goal to reality? Use static images to organize your channel with VistaCreate free youtube banner maker.

What are YouTube Banners?

Banners are pictures you upload to the field above your channel’s name. They represent your channel visually even before people watch the first video. These images have various names: banners, headers, or YouTube channel art. Their main purpose is to present the concept of your content by colors, picture elements, and text (if any). There are also additional functions you can use in case of necessity.

Benefits of using

Using banners for your channel, you can use the following advantages:

  • express your vision of the channel’s concept;
  • present yourself as a speaker (or your team if you work in a group);
  • announce the events or releases;
  • place notes and QR-codes of your other pages to follow;
  • express your position about some situation you are constantly touching on in your videos;
  • describe the schedule of video posting;
  • demonstrate your skills at something (for example, if you are an artist and your channel is devoted to your drawing activity).

You can invent much more ways of application, but the gist — is having your custom banner may serve you well in organization and promotion matters. Another benefit is that you can change them so that anytime something has changed, you can renew the header so that your subscribers see only relevant information.

VistaCreate editor advantages

The other problem is that creating more and more new headers takes much time. And if your YouTube channel is your hobby, it may become a problem. Fortunately, there is a tool to help you avoid such an issue – it’s VistaCreate.

The VistaCreate editor is a tool allowing you to work with visual content with no hassle. It provides considerable scope for people who want to get maximum quality spending minimum time. Even though creating from scratch is still longer than using a template, the system facilitates the process significantly due to the well-balanced operation system.

If presenting all the crucial benefits in the list, we would emphasize:

  • an interface simple to understand and use – even an unexperienced user will handle the work in this tool pretty fast;
  • a wide variety of templates by categories – if you need something to take as a ground for your post or header, search through the collections and edit the models to your taste;
  • ample room for creating content from scratch – collections of separate objects and elements are also rich, which makes the creative process interesting and pleasant even if you make the content from zero point;
  • comfortable size setting – you don’t need to set up the size of images manually because the system offers you to choose a purpose of use for the picture (for a YouTube banner, Instagram or FB post or story, etc.).

Thus, you save much time on making a lot of work manually. The editor has all the necessary options to release you from this necessity.

How to make a banner in VistaCreate

You can create a picture for the YouTube header in two ways: using a template or making it from scratch. In the first case, you:

  1. Go to the VistaCreate website. There’s no need to install anything because the tool offers online work.
  2. Go to the Templates page.
  3. Find the Covers and Headers drop-down list and choose YouTube Channel Art.
  4. Search for an appropriate model.
  5. Change it as you wish.
  6. Download.

If you want to make a banner yourself, click the “Blank YouTube Channel Art” option.

Making banners for your YouTube channel may be tricky, but VistaCreate helps fix this trouble. Using this tool, you can feel the freedom of choice and use the vast opportunities of a simple and understandable photo editor. Make as many variations as you wish – the system saves them as projects so you can use or modify them anytime you need. Try now and feel the difference!

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