Top 10 Best URL Shortener Sites to Make Passive Income Online

Check out 10 top best URL Shortener sites online to make passive income by Shortening the links.

You might be aware of the URL Shortener and in no times hundreds of sites are providing shortening of URL services. These make sense because it’s hard to remember the long URL, infact it’s not easy to remember the short URL as well but it’s very commonly used as a measurement of safety.

Top Url Shortener sites

With URL Shortener all you need to do is enter the long ugly URL or the affiliate link in the URL Shortener website and within in no time you will get your shortened URL available completely free.

We recommend you to go with Google Shortening services available at but did you ever know that you can make money by shortening the URL? The competition in URL Shortening has led to pay people to shorten their URL using their services.

How Does It Work

URL Shortening website is paying users to make use of their services. Every time you shortened an URL and put it up on the web, if someone clicks on your shortened URL you will get paid. The earning amount is not that big but if you are using the service for a long time, then you can make a decent amount of money. It’s good that people are making money using their service but you might be surrounded with a question like how URL Shortening services are able to make money and pay users.

The twist is, if someone visits your shortened URL, and then will be redirected to a page where you get see an advert by the provider able to view it for 5 seconds. Infact the URL shortening service provider is charging $5 for 10,000 visitors from the respective advertiser. This is how they make money and pay a part of their earned money. So this way, an advert is shown, you just need to click on Skip Now button near the time to go to a respective site.

Best URL Shortening Services

Now that we have understood how URL shortening sites makes money online, let’s discuss how much users will be able to make money. Generally, any URL Shortening services pay you $4 to $5 for 1,000 visitors that you generate whether it’s a single link or accumulated from different links of yours. Apart from that, they have come up with a referral program to allow users more money.

Here we list down top URL Shortening services accordingly to their popularity and using which you can make money not much a little percentage of your monthly earning –

A free URL shortening services and the most popular one pays users $ 4 per 1000 visitors generated by them. They also have different tools like Mass shrinker, easy links, API. They pay via Paypal or AlertPay with minimum payout $5. They also have a referral program by which you can make 20 % commission.

A clone of providing users to generate a part of their income by shortening the links. They pay a maximum of $ 3 if your all visitors are from the United States and for worldwide visitors based on a single visit/per day you get $1.

Apart from that, they pay to spread their site to your friend and other people by providing 20 % commission. Good thing is that they offer to shorten of links without any ads as well. $5 is the minimum payout via PayPal.

Another URL Shortener ad network providing you to shorten you links along with shortening of images as well. You can also add voice and audio to the shortened URL as well. With your link shortened you can select to disable interstitial ad, frames and enable comments as the advanced options. They pay $ 4 for 1000 visitors that you bring and you can earn up to 5% of the referral earning. $3 is the minimum payout via PayPal.

Another clone of with the same theme. You get $ 4 per 1,000 visitors that you bring with the shortened URL. They provide real-time revenue reports and by referring users you can make 10 % of their lifetime earnings.

Minimum payout is $ 5 via PayPal and has different tools from URL Shrinking.

Another URL shrinking services which pays upon complete 1 lead generated. So 500 leads can fetch you $ 250. $ 1 is the minimum payout via Paypal. URL Shrinking here is little confusing and they also have affiliate program running which pays 5 % commission.

The site says you can make serious money with URL Shortening services. You get the highest 25 % referral commission of their lifetime earnings. They give you up to $0.10 per international traffic and $0.50 for the US traffic. They pay via NET30 payment via PayPal.


Another free URL shortening services which provide the intention discussed here. As of now, there is no make money or referral program working with them, might be they coming up in a few months.

Other URL shortening services are –

So those were some of the top best URL shortening sites to use in 2019 and 2020.

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