Apple iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Feature Definitely ON Cart

iPhone 7 Wireless charging demo

Apple for iPhone 7 is weighing many options. Earlier it was rumored to adopt all-in-one Lightning cable, then came the rumors that it will be an IP-certified waterproof handset, the first of it kind. While Apple has been late in adopting some of the technologies that has been there on its competitors phones, we might see debut of one such another technology which is famous on Android but not yet available on any iPhone.

Just like NFC which was adopted last year by Apple, this year we could see wireless charging been included on iPhone 7. Samsung has adopted wireless charging technology from couple of years now on their flagship smartphone but for the first time any iPhone will get his feature.

It’s reported that Apple is working with one of its partners to bring out new wireless charging technology which will allow iPhone owners to charge their handset from a distance unlike the traditional method through which we use charges to connect the smartphone and charge. The only way possible for iPhone 7 wireless charging is to directly place the handset on pads, that’s how the technology exists right now but will we see something more than that from Apple?

Apple for 2016 has planned to launch a 4-inch iPhone along with iPad Air 3 at March 2016 event, then followed with possible Apple Watch successor launch. There-on we will have iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus coming out in fall 2016. Checkout the complete Apple 2016 product schedule.

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