What is Application Modernization – Benefits & Approach

Outdated centralized legacy applications can be costly and difficult to maintain, tramping the growth and development of businesses. With the ever-changing technological requirements, businesses are looking to shift to agile and mobile infrastructure to support the innovation pace. Layered overarching stacks of legacy applications that are monolithic in nature can no longer support agile big data-oriented technologies.

Application modernization at its core helps businesses align their complex application stacks with current and future business needs and technological requirements, moving an organization from current legacy systems status to an agile and optimized environment.

Although the application modernization journey is necessary for most organizations, many are reluctant to embark on this complex endeavor, fearing the disruption to their current established business processes and lacking the understanding of application modernization process benefits, gains, and options.

– Modernize the current functionality in a new environment or move to a different platform?
– What is the best solution path for achieving your current and future business objectives?
– What modernization options are available and what option would best respond to your timeline, budget, and goals?
– What are the containers and microservices and what role do they play in application modernization journey?

Tricension, leading software development, cloud migration and tech advisory company from Kansas City has prepared an infographic which can be a starting point for your application modernization process.

Application Modernization

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