How to Backup & Restore App Data on iPhone, iPad Without iTunes

A guide on how to backup & restore App Data on iPhone, iPad without iTunes.

When you have an Apple device for every kind of work one depends on iTunes if one has iOS. The only problem with this is that it wastes a lot of the user’s time in the name of updating and everything that it does. It makes the user delete certain stuff in the name of updating and moreover anything that has been downloaded with a third-party in between, would never get stored in iTunes. So what does that leave us with? On Android phones, it is easier to save all the apps we like but it becomes very difficult when it comes to iOS and hence we need an alternative.

restore app data on iPhone

A PC suite that works for Mac and Windows – DiskAid. It can help you to sync everything including the apps which have been downloaded with third-party in-between.

Music, contact, apps, photos, and a backup that will include the whole system is what this gives you. With $30 the limit to this can also be conquered. So here are the few steps that will let you create the backup with this.


  1. The device has to be connected with the computer or the PC as we call it properly, followed by the launching of this particular app. One can either use the USB or depend on the Wi-Fi.
  2. Once you know that the device is connected you can now select the apps from the given sidebars.
  3. Any of the apps can be selected. After which one has to click on the option that reads ‘Manage app’ followed by ‘Extract app’.
  4. Select the place where you would like the app to be stored.
  5. Decide whether you just want the app or the data too.


  1. It is far easier and can be done in a bundle at a time.
  2. Same App Screen is to be formed, and then ‘Copy to Device’.
  3. Back up apps have to be selected followed by ‘Ok’.
  4. They all will get installed one after the other.

In this way, backing up the data is the best prevention action to take. To find the latest backing up software with reviews and honest opinions, you can check out a website like Truely where you can list all software related to backup in all forms.

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Congratulations you have just created the required back up.

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