5 Best Firefox Flashlight Apps Reviews

Flashlight apps are getting very popular nowadays with different mobile platforms but there are a few excellent versions of flashlight which run smoothly on the Firefox OS.Best Firefox Flashlight Apps

Best Firefox Flashlight Apps

Yes, you will find here some amazing Firefox Flashlight apps which will help you to light your room and fit your interesting mood –

Color Flashlight

This flashlight app is packed with a number of features and is capable of converting your device into bright source of light. It has been made available in the latest version of 1.0 and it certainly gives you the pleasure of choosing convenient color picker along with illuminating the surroundings through screen of your device with Bright Flashlight.

On the other hand, you can turn the flashlight sounds On/Off. Adjustable blink intervals have been linked to the blinking or strobe mode.

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It serves as a brilliant exploration and top-down puzzle game where you can search for the keys in abandoned home in the given time restrictions. This app, developed by Matt di Spiritio offers you chances of opening chests & boxes, collecting the loot and exploring batteries to get more seconds. It is challenging and adventurous game which has maze-styled development.

This game also features ratings system, achievements and leader-boards however; you will not move forward while facing the solid objects which block the light.

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Flashlight (Linterna)

It is packed with certain cool modes and can be used anywhere with no internet connection. Flashlight in the version 2.0 can be utilized in Colors, Disco and Flashlight modes.

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Flashlight +

Available in the latest version 1.0, it will offer you plenty of amazing features that include room lighting with ambient color choice, using device to Morse and it will never require any network connection for functionality.

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Lintern App

There is no need of On/Off button, making color choices or wondering about extra battery consumption while running in background because this flashlight is lightening fast and quickly offers you the pleasure of obtaining light. Version 1.3 of this app is really amazing!

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Download Lintern Firefox App

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